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        "Along the way all the way" into China's LED market exports of new blue ocean


        China's LED lighting exports in 2015 "along the way," the market is about 100 billion US dollars, up 43%, accounting for the proportion of LED lighting products exported about 38%. This is held recently in Foshan, Guangdong LED industry, the focus of international cooperation in the work of the launching ceremony and the second session of China's LED industry international competitiveness TOP10 press conference on the latest data.

        According to the Guangdong Semiconductor Lighting Industry Joint Innovation Center Director Sui Shirong introduced in 2015, Guangdong LED industry focus on exports of about 125 billion yuan, accounting for 42% of total exports, Guangdong LED products sold to nearly 200 countries and regions, Industrial international development has made very gratifying achievements. He predicted that along with the implementation of the national strategy along the way, along the export market growth will be higher than the national LED lighting products, the overall level of exports, 2013-2020 average annual growth rate of about 58%, to 2020 China LED lighting products Exports along the way about 53 billion US dollars, accounting for more than 50% share of the country.

        "'Along the way' mostly along the emerging economies and developing countries, with Russia, Southeast Asia, represented by the emerging markets of China's LED products are exported to the new blue ocean, is China's LED enterprises in Central Asia and Eastern Europe, an important gateway to the market. LED enterprises will usher in international development of the larger space. "Conference, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Counselor, Guangdong International Strategic Research Institute of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs researcher Wu Yingqin said that in the face of opportunities, industry and enterprises must first Lianhaoneigong, Foreign trade channel construction, brand management and other aspects of great efforts, started China's LED brand's international reputation. Event organizers LED International Cooperation Promotion Secretary-General Li Wenyu, TOP10 selection theme closely related to the international competitiveness of Chinese LED enterprises, participating enterprises must be outstanding export performance in the international market with strong competitiveness of enterprises. It is understood that organized by the LED International Cooperation Promotion Union, Guangdong Province, the semiconductor lighting industry joint Innovation Center hosted the second session of the international competitiveness of Chinese enterprises LED TOP10 selection activities to establish the industry benchmark, in recognition of world-class brand and international influence of the China LED outstanding enterprises, strengthen China's LED enterprises in the international market in the competitive advantage.

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