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  • 新闻名称: LED lighting development is not smooth
  • 发布时间: 2014-05-14

As we all know, over the past two years, led lighting is the explosive growth in China. However, the development trend in this hot, obvious signs of overheating LED lighting industry investment and LED to vicious competition phenomena begin to emerge.
Same power LED lighting product cost 3~4 times that of traditional lighting products, but a lot of shoddy LED lighting products on the market to seize the market at a low price, greatly reduced consumers ' confidence.
According to the national road map for the phase-out of incandescent bulbs, starting this year, will accelerate China's lighting industry an "energy-saving era." Billions of government procurement and subsidies have also been introduced. However, the speed of LED lighting products in our country did not keep pace with the policies. How to break through the gridlock on development, to seize market opportunities, promoting the development cycles of the industrial chain, is a problem worthy of considering.
We can be LED on the core technological breakthrough, integrated resources, lowering the price of led products, promote the popularity of the product.
 MIC patented led tube, led street light, led high bay light, led flood light, led corn light some high quality products exported to more than 20 foreign countries and regions.
Interested parties revealed that appeared frequently in domestic LED lighting industry product quality problems and low sampling rate, one of the main causes is internally LED lighting industry lacks a standard. So far, the LED has gone through 20 years of development in China, but still lacked national standards recognized by the industry. Industry analysts, quirk LED lighting market caused by lack of standards, make high-end LED lighting products for the company but would "lose out" because the low-end products can cost easily to the project, this is very negative for the development of an industry.
As LED major exploration led industry development in Guangdong Province has been at the forefront in 2011, the provincial science and Technology Department and Guangdong Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision jointly issued the first in Asia to the LED lighting industry standard system plan and roadmap, planning of Guangdong province over a 5 year period to take the lead in establishing more than 130 employees LED local standards and standards "have a higher starting point."
To develop standards, but also high standards, industry's overall level must be up. Creative optical and peer-LED lighting technology with standard services such as research, development, use and non-profit in the area of technical cooperation and reached consensus, so as to promote the entire industry standards to develop catalytic and promote the healthy development of the industry.