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  • 新闻名称: LED life-changing: Beauty wears away, Strawberries grow faster under the lights shine
  • 发布时间: 2014-02-24

LED light guide mask, beauty wearing a walking Taiwan Department of Industrial Design, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology Shuiwo Zeng had last year, the latest development of the use of ITRI "LED light guide film " ( commonly known as the Charm film ) technology to further develop into a mask -like "LED Mask "and promote collagen facial, USB plug can be charged.
As Shuiwo Zeng introduced, LED light guide mask material is developed using the ITRI products, proliferation of collagen, beauty institutions have this effect instrument, easily to tens of millions of NT, and about as long as the mask LED light guide 6000 NT$, and the operation is simple, can be limited to the time and place to use, but also because of the use of short wavelength infrared, no safety concern.
ED lights shine all night nontoxic strawberries grow faster Hsinchu, Taiwan Farmers cultivated classes of organic fruits and vegetables, farmers and farmers' associations in the city last year, producing hair at the counseling, the use of LED illumination in the greenhouse planting strawberries toxic, despite a failure, but this year has borne fruit, strawberry leaves ear not only large, but also because of the lighting , the situation rapidly growing , pests also reduced , with combined leakage dropper style watering strawberries easily become rotten due to rain is expected in March can harvest.
Hsinchu City Government Commissioner for Dude Lin producing hair that illuminated LED lights of different wavelengths can affect the growth of plants, municipal and private enterprises to cooperate with ITRI, for SME innovation and R & D subsidies nine hundred thousand yuan NT carry toxic strawberries test, farmers Qingxiang Hong City Farmers are willing to try, fail planted last year, after overcoming the problems have been located in the lake, including agricultural land Qingxiang Hong be toxic strawberry planting network room and gradually borne fruit .
Dude Lin said the tutoring program in addition to grants LED lamp illuminated the room, because the advertised without using pesticides, the city also asked the staff to assist agricultural experiment guide farmers and pesticide-free organic fertilizer pest control techniques and technology, and the use of infiltration drain water dropper, are now grown in strawberry leaves ear indeed higher, bigger.
Qingxiang Hong said such non-toxic experimental planting strawberries, although small in size, but the cost is high, like LED lighting from the evening five points to five in the morning the next day, but also because the network room planting, higher costs, plus access indoor planting, fewer pests and diseases, do not spray pesticides, strawberries grow after hanging directly on the plastic sheeting, easy hanging in the soil, there will be no rain perishable case scenario , he believes that the harvest should be good.
Hong Qingxiang said, although the test area of only sixty floor and going to mature until March, but if results are good, and kind of out of the strawberry taste good, he still plans to expand next year to one-third of the area planted to make Hsinchu non-toxic shot strawberry organic brands.

With the field of application of LED products more widely, I believe the future market will be LED fame. And MIC will follow market demand, increased R & D efforts, our own production of LED corn lights, LED lights, LED tunnel lights, LED panel lights, LED lamp, LED high bay light, LED down light, LED spotlights, LED bulbs in the fight has cost a further breakthrough in the development.