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  • 新闻名称: LED will change the Lighting science
  • 发布时间: 2013-12-27

Electric the amazing thing has been found for the development of our human has brought a lot of benefits. The life of modern people have cannot do without electricity, lighting is a biggest power use, now lighting is a science, a science of the nature of things, these things can not be overturned. The concept of visual lighting, LED lighting will let the subject change a lot, which is mainly reflected in the words : 

The development of  lighting science to the broader field development. It should be said, the traditional light source, the subject mainly studies vision lighting, because the main purpose is used as light source to see world, although there are other uses a small places, but compared to visual application, ti’s much smaller. Therefore, in fact, the subject has been lighting vision lighting discipline for many years. 

In English, the lighting of the word has two, respectively is lighting and illumination, these two words, even for native English speakers don't know the difference. (1) lighting is intended for light plus ing, the propagating light; (2) illumination and lighting are the same as lighting means, but for many years has been that vision lighting, the reason is many years basically is the vision lighting, lighting the non visual little things. But illumination basically is the professional researchers to use, and lighting is the mass use of the word; (3) root meaning based on illumination vision, lighting is appropriate, while lighting refers to all of the lighting is suitable. 

2 as the material basis of lighting light source, the traditional light source will not die, but will fade away, may in the near future, LED will be the main light source,  10 years ago did not say so, but now very few people don't believe it.

Before the LED, main source is the thermal radiation source, low pressure discharge lamp and high intensity discharge light source, and the main purpose is the visual lighting light source. These light sources in the scale space, spectral and temporal inflexibility, created focus lighting discipline is the material base of "lighting", in the light of mature, basic lighting, there would be no great development. We see, lighting, there are a lot of research achievements in the first half of twentieth Century, but in the system CIE1931, CIE1964 and CIE1976, in 1974 after the last big progress is the color index set, lighting, and no big progress, even close to the "lighting project". The main research after this is the development of new light source, as a mainstream gas discharge light source after the thermal radiation source, the focus of research for light emitting substance, or the two light emitting method. But the LED into the mainstream of illumination, will make this situation has changed a lot: 

(1) the main index and the price of LED devices has not yet reached the mature technology, in a period of time, the development of LED technology is still an important part of our lighting discipline. But, at present, LED has been developed to obtain application of outdoor led street light, led flood light,led high bay light,led tunnel light  indoor lamp led corn lights,led bulb lights , led tube . Therefore, the focus will gradually return to lighting, lighting, which means that the source application, but not the light source itself. 

(2) a high degree of flexibility of LED will create huge opportunities for future research subject of lighting. Because of high flexibility, LED will create a wide application field of LED, and in a variety of application areas, and is the application of choice because of the flexibility of LED and there is an optimal, this is an academic problem, namely the research opportunities. 

Finished lighting discipline, we will return to the lighting industry, this is the relative industry problems. I can from the point of view of technology development about views. 

1.LED will become the main source without a doubt. Because, LED has shown many advantages, in addition to the current technical index of advantages, more important is the unlimited flexibility LED. This created a foundation for the application of infinite space LED. 

Delaying the application of LED factors other than price, there is a very important is the application of evaluation of LED. As the evaluation system as prescribed is entirely based on the traditional light source built entirely in some cases there may not be suitable for the application of LED as prescribed and not prescribed application depending on the overall research is lagging . 

2.LED non bright vision applications is a great application space. The current non Shiming application basically at the stage of research and application of small, mainly including agricultural lighting, medical lighting etc.. LED visible light communication has been very hot, is a special application of LED, it uses LED light as a carrier for wireless signal transmission, strictly speaking this communication is not the purpose of lighting, but due to its light emitting the same body, use and lighting time, perhaps can be called communication lighting. 

3.LED The technical route of white light  

The white light LED technology line mainly have three kinds, namely RGB, purple LED and RGB color fluorescent powder, however, in the current green LED photoelectric efficiency is very low, the current mainstream LED produce white light is the blue light and yellow light phosphor LED. The maximum luminous efficiency of this method is theoretically possible (luminous efficacy of radiation) is about 280lm/W, and the spectral flexibility greatly reduced. The so-called RGB red, blue, green LED, can obtain the maximum theoretical efficiency can reach more than 360lm/W, and the RGB spectrum is composed of three or more LED monochrome, which has great flexibility. And the realization of RGB white LED, combined with LED control technology, is easy to achieve the dimming and color for LED applications. Therefore, the green LED light effect is improved greatly, the utility of LED in infinite flexibility achievement truly, spectrum, as a special case of this infinite flexibility, is turning to RGB mode white LED technology. 

4 green spectral luminous efficiency increases LED spectra of unlimited flexibility training, will also be attached to open a lot of academic research opportunities. The impact on the industry's evaluation system. Because of the spectral unlimited flexibility, in a variety of applications in LED, there will be a theoretical problem which spectral optimal. In these theoretical problems, academic problem color index and spectral correlation will become a hot research and debate again. That is, in certain applications, color (Ra, CQS) evaluation is reasonable? Numerical high is appropriate? And this will have a certain impact on the industry. 

 5.LED and its impact on the industry. Effect of Droop LED refers to chip current density increases, light effect is a rapid decline in LED. The maximum current Droop effect decide that single LED can work, thus to realize the light flux is forced to use multiple LED or multi chip, or by increasing the area of the chip and method for reducing current density, also will be a substantial increase in the price of LED devices. Therefore, the fact that Droop effect is increased by LED device costs. Fortunately, the LED lamp, the cost of LED devices has plummeted to around 10% total cost most lamps, lamp according to the current pattern of decline, LED devices cost to drop with total cost less and lamps. Therefore, the effect of Droop on the LED device to break, the price dropped to the total cost of the lamp in the case of very low, technology research and development will shift to the lower LED of other parts of the cost, and this, it will open another door, is innovative lamps form. Because, LED in the device scale, spectral and time on the wireless flexibility, has the innovation ready condition. 

6 with the sensor technology, automatic control technology as the core of the intelligent lighting system will have great application prospect. But this will bring a problem worthy of study, is how LED and intelligent control system with? Is the device / two separate subsystems, or a complete device? 

7 and on the evaluation of products pay more attention to the comprehensive performance of products, color and luminosity and not just the pursuit of high efficiency, and energy efficiency will be an important indicator. 

Unlimited flexibility of LED, let LED applications would ask such a question: what is best? Indeed, the pursuit of artistic effect on peer vision lighting, LED is the gospel of mankind, because can write freely, play too much space. However, the functional lighting (visual and non visual Ming Ming), we are primarily concerned with index, efficiency function and product standard. In the products, LED lighting and small power, because more is to be used for indoor lighting, the whole lamp may be more appropriate. As for roads, tunnels and similar plants such as miner's lamp and high power LED lamp, module type lamp is more appropriate form. We saw the LED lamp power module has become the industry trends.