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  • 新闻名称: U.S. Energy Star program pause led lighting will be affected
  • 发布时间: 2013-11-25

US as the leading edge of the latest technological developments in developed countries, have become common in daily life of led lighting, but the United States Government will suspend the Energy Star program, which will have an impact on the popularity of led lighting.
United States of the Democratic President and the Republican-led United States encounters unfold between the House of representatives, due to the freezing of funds, the environmental protection agency (EPA) Energy Star program were affected. Environmental protection agency temporarily shut down the "Energy Star" program, and cancel the scheduled for this week in Louisiana, annual energy star partner meeting held in New Orleans. "Energy Star" plan suspended for LED lighting, additional lighting, and many other products have had an impact. On the MIC led corn light, led tube, led street light, led flood light, led high bay light, led tunnel light in United States universal also have been affected.
Due to United States Government shutdown and has stopped funding for multiple projects. EPA said the "Energy Star" partner applications and queries are currently on hold. In addition, until the recovery of funds, EPA list of qualifications is not updated or released any new draft specification.
Energy Star Web site still in operation, however, websites and social media channels are temporarily no longer to be updated. Online tools, applications and the Agency's hotline are disabled.
EPA's move does not affect the certification bodies (CBs) or other third parties to provide services, as described in the current energy star specification for testing the product. In addition, once the budget impasse is over, the scheme quickly returned to normal.
Hopes that the Energy Star programme can resume as soon as possible so that universal also has certain expectations for LED lighting. Is a good thing for the MIC.