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  • 新闻名称: Today LED's "Three Worlds"
  • 发布时间: 2013-12-23

Fifty or sixty, people should always remember, there is a "Three Worlds" in the seventy's theory is very famous, America and the Soviet Union is the world; the centrist Japan, Europe, Canada is the second world; the Asian countries except Japan, Africa and Latin America is the third world. Theory use, even with today's LED world alike! 

The first World: USA, Europe and Japan Inc. Is characterized by red, yellow, blue and other inventors as the representative of the company, they rely on patent technology leadership, and continuing improvement and breakthrough, although in recent years has been a bit slow speed. 

The second world: Chinese (including Taiwan), Korea Companies. These large enterprises production and sales is not necessarily better than the first world is small, but the brand awareness, advanced technology is just a little bit worse. 

The third world: numerous living beings of small and medium-sized enterprises, mainly in the China-mainmade, lying by manufacturing to "made in the transformation of". 

The next ten years, although only a few drops of the long river of history, but for LED enterprises, is to be a life-and-death matter. I feel, the upcoming 2014 will be an extraordinary year, for three reasons. 

First is the competition 

Lighting market itself is limited, and LED vendors are now mainly in place, not to create a new market, the market suddenly increased LED this one industrial army, a powerful army single plank bridge, new people to move others cheese a fight at outrance, don't fight it? For the traditional lighting enterprises, may be left to right; for LED lighting enterprises emerging, completely is the channel construction of new, of course, more difficult. From this point of view, the next ten years, three years ago or replaced, it will be a period of the most intense competition. 

The second is the integration of years 

Relying on technological innovation to drive the rapid decline in the cost must be the future trend. If there is no great breakthrough in technology, then faced with the integration and integration. So I think the subsequent years, will be integrated, have the funds to purchase, the lack of funds to be acquired, a considerable part of bankruptcy, investment billion company also can not escape. Along with the national and local policy subsidies climax period of the past, to rely on government subsidies do likely to cost no longer exist. The cash rich companies, greater choice, perhaps you early step, there is a chance of winning, the key to find the right direction. 

The third is innovation years 

Recently "double 11" has become a national festival, this day lighting products sold, created have never even heard of it, There was no parallel in history. sales record. Lighting products in the "double 11" outstanding achievement gives us inspiration, combined with the Internet, network, network three and development is still the focus of. Of course, the chip and package the B2B enterprise, innovation space is not very wide, but for the B2C lighting business market is still great. So far, the lighting industry has not yet appeared tens of billions of Dachang, because the breakdown in the field of lighting too much, very difficult to achieve a monopoly. Proper channels, some people do the metallurgical industry, people do mine channel, people do field lighting, people do military products... Each opportunity, who think and do, will occupy the new commanding elevation! 

The key factor to the success of an enterprise, it is a commonplace talk of an old scholar! 

First, Talented person

"Talented person is the first forever!" No matter what the industry, more and more performance for the cultivation of core competitiveness of enterprises, on as the first capital of the talent of possession and utilization ability. Talent is the source of strength to promote the healthy development of the enterprises, whether from the macro point of view, or from the microscopic point of view, the talent is a decisive factor in the development of enterprises. So only with sufficient talent, enterprises can realize the great leap forward development. "Dig" to the talent and the core of the team is the magic weapon. 

Second, the brand influence 

Under the market economy influence the competitiveness of many factors, but the core factors of consumer attention but it's only a few: brand, quality, price. These three factors, the quality and the price can be regarded as the traditional factors, brand influence in modern market competition plays a more and more important role. Modern consumption is more exquisite quality, pay more attention to the brand. Therefore, we can say that the market competition in the future a large part depend on the influence of the brand, which is undoubtedly the international lighting giant advantage. 

Third, cooperation 

Any one enterprise rely on its own strength of a single hard to get great development, as the saying goes "One person alone cannot accomplish much." is the truth. LED lighting products MIC production methods, combined with its own development and the needs of the industry using self production and production and processing of forms of cooperation to the production of products, a trend that is development of the LED market, adapt to the market changes to the products MIC led corn light,led tube,led street light,led high bay light,led flood light,led tunnel light.LED Production and processing are used in this way. 

The next ten years, 2014 is the key, some people say that this is the outbreak of LED starting years. To be sure, 2014 is a year. If you choose the right direction, choose the target, choose the right person, then the next ten years maybe is you. I believe that the lighting enterprises to make billions, no LED will be very difficult, with LED, it will point the day and await for it. 

Chang'e three was launched, each LED in the hearts of Chinese dream be far behind? Maybe not two or three years, "Three Worlds"  will change!