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  • 新闻名称: LED lighting the road of innovation
  • 发布时间: 2013-11-18

Led lighting industry is gradually increased social acceptance, not just because it is new energy, and led energy-saving, long life, environmental protection, health, pollution-free characteristics of wide social acceptance. Led lighting has become mainstream in indoor and outdoor lighting. But still needed innovations in led lighting development.

Chip technology

China is both the world's largest consumer markets Led lighting, Led lightingmanufacturer. Core technologies of LED tube is relinquished, but Taiwan first-class LED core manufacturing enterprises have begun to gradually marriage and mainland enterprises, led driver IC LED driver IC design companies already have the core technology continent, comparable to similar chips in Europe and price/performance and competitiveness.

Apart from technological innovation of enterprises in competition, and LED lighting industry overall forward momentum. Affordable for the civilian population must be cost-effective and cheap LED lighting led tube,led corn light, led bulb and led pannel light.

LED tube plant development and production of high voltage LEDs module built on the chip, this park has been listed, Seoul and wafer under promotion. LED lighting market are diverse, new crystalline modules and ELC LEDs Park package is no longer required, but small particles of LED tube or after packaging is needed in order to apply.

Design ideas

Along with the LED core manufacturing technologies development, packaging is the inevitable trend of technological development. Thus, two years ago, creative optical led packaging factory have been put forward to the modular development is the only way.

LED packaging plant to develop led lighting modules, core packages, development driving power chip stick aluminum plate with LED light source side "optical engine"; to the technological innovation and development, LED light source modules for more profits, "optical engine" a core device for LED lighting manufacturers and suppliers.

Sales methods

LED lighting is the new consumer electronics products, it can be made by traditional lighting market sales, but the rapid dissemination of information in the Internet era, door-to-door marketing approach is more suitable for the younger generation of the pace of life.

New LED lighting businesses as long as cost-effective products do well, can win the market. If you have the best quality products are sure to dominate the market, MIC led high bay light, led flood light, led street lightand led tunnel light industrial lighting with high cost performance.

Using LED technology, innovative design of new generation of LED lighting will lead the future market development. LED lighting sales methods will also change with it. Blue Ocean markets are waiting to be fought, thought would win business opportunities