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  • 新闻名称: Outdoor Lighting welcome focus on outbreak period 5 future market size up to 15 billion dollars
  • 发布时间: 2013-10-11

May 2012, Guangdong Province, the PRC Government has promulgated the "Guangdong Promotional use LED lighting product implementation of the Program, the program published as of the day the Province Public Lighting new construction a LED lights, Pearl River Delta 3 delta region the use of a non-LED lighting products, the 2013 end of the year to call complete transformation. After nearly a year of deliberation, the program to speed up the implementation period.
According to the Guangdong Science and Technology announced the tender program, 2012 annual Guangdong Province LED lights and led tunnel light tender for a total of 75,000, and 2013 is only 1 - 3 months, led street light, led  high bay light and led tunnel light of the tender amount to 76,000 Sudanese.
Guangdong Lighting Appliances, Chairman of the Association chairman, said: "The tender amount is only a universal policy in a small part of it, along with all of the policies for the further implementation and follow-up for tender will be greater. " More than Guangdong to vigorously promote LED lighting products, the national energy emission reduction policies, Governments in all regions to promote LED lighting products as an important policy.
Industry estimates, in the next 3 years, LED outdoor lighting will be LED lighting the fastest growing market segments in 2015, China outdoor lighting LED market size will be close to 15 billion dollars.
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