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  • 新闻名称: Milan World Expo China Pavilion with LED show "The Wind that Shakes the Barley "
  • 发布时间: 2014-03-18

As we all know , China LED lights , LED product applications everywhere, small domestic news network studio , ranging from Sochi Winter Olympics on the site, following the Olympic Games in Sochi , LED lights debut Milan Expo again the China Pavilion is bright eye works - LED version of "The Wind that Shakes the Barley ."
Into the China Pavilion , like being in the countryside in the land of China , the golden wheat swaying in the breeze , lush green tea buds ...... being spit this morning , by the Tsinghua University team designed the Milan Expo 2015 China Pavilion program uncover the mystery. It is understood that this hit "Heaven , Earth and Man " concept is the first time China Pavilion at the World Expo in overseas self-built pavilion .
Morning, the China Pavilion design signing ceremony was held at Tsinghua University . China International Trade Promotion Committee , responsible person , the China Pavilion covers an area of 4590 square meters , second only to the German Pavilion , the Expo is one of the landmark building .
Associate Dean of Fine Arts of Tsinghua Sudan , told reporters last May Fine Arts decided to participate in " China Pavilion " bid , then from the Environmental Art Design, Industrial Design , a number of outstanding teachers of Visual Communication Design creative team composed of joint efforts complete with "Heaven , Earth, " as the core concept of the design. Ultimately, the solution to the interpretation of " field of hope , the source of life " as the theme , apart from 14 domestic and foreign design institutions.
Morning, Academy design team presented their design Chinese style pavilion . From afar, the China Pavilion is like rolling hills , and slowly approached, a traditional building carrying beam from the city's skyline gradually clear in the warm Italian sun roof glowing golden light , " we on the roof application of bamboo craft , the introduction of natural light , reducing lighting energy consumption , while China full of taste . " China Pavilion creative Luyi Chen said.
He explained that the entire theme of the China Pavilion is divided into three zones, full of splendid Chinese farming , ecological civilization . The concept of " day ," the first exhibition flagship , the use of soft led screen , showing China 24 solar spectacle ; second pavilion main " person " concept, the Chinese people to promote the development of world agriculture exhibition will showcase China . " civilization " on the tongue , such as the use of soy tofu , made ??into tea buds ; came third exhibition, which is a magical and glamorous land of China, various LED lights to show a wind in the wheat harvest scene , but also there are blooming camellias, winter snow .
Lu yichen said high construction requirements of the China Pavilion , strictly reflects the concept of environmental protection . For example, in Italy, construction , digging under the foundations of the entire building, not more than two meters deep , in order to mitigate the impact of geological layers. They are now actively implementing the program of construction is expected to start in May this year, the China Pavilion , built next year in March .
It is understood that the 2015 World Expo will be held in Milan, Italy , for a period of 184 days . To " nourish the earth , life energy " as its theme , involving agriculture, food , food culture , food safety and other aspects . Participating countries and international organizations are expected to reach 150 , the audience reached 20 million or more.
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