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  • 新闻名称: Genuine reputation LED lighting
  • 发布时间: 2014-01-06

The development of LED lighting the "word of mouth" gradually put on the agenda, because of the LED as a new type of lighting products, consumers are not familiar with the situation. Make some "fake" on to consumers, lead to disappointment and wait for LED. 

Most people believe that the "brand strength", but this power was enterprise misinterpreted as the overwhelming advertising, pompous packaging, novel concept. 

A LED lamp can be sustained by the favor of consumers, do not rely on excessive packaging, publicity (although this to their pre sales and popularity influence), but the quality of the products, reputation is really to product quality as the base of the. Promote real good products can rely on real reputation continued to be strong. While the real word-of-mouth is mainly reflected in the real life friends recommendation, this word is generally true, consumers are more willing to accept and trust. From the opposite point of view, we Is it right? The view that has been quietly behind the R & D products? They would rather spend ten dollars on the product, rather than spend a penny in the exaggerated what the letter, what do not the letter, we all should have a steelyard. As the LED enterprises is particularly important. 

MIC is not online advertising concepts, exquisite packaging and novel to win reputation, MIC rely on quality products, sincere service, customer loyalty to win the reputation of the product is good, we need not to do too much publicity, customers is the best advertising media, because they actually use the products, to understand products. It is the most real. MIC photoelectric products led corn lights,led bulb lights , led street light, led flood light,led high bay light,led tunnel light ,led tube .