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  • 新闻名称: The network hot words interprete LED industry
  • 发布时间: 2014-02-17

In China's current hot buzzwords that you must be familiar with the network on the tall, positive energy , joy Big Dipper Ben, Tyrant, people do not split ...... the storm . And after friends or joking , or self-deprecating network hot words , but also reflects the social life of human phenomena . In recent years, highlighting the world's energy crisis, the country and the world are vigorously support the development of energy saving, green, environmental protection and many other advantages of LED lighting. LED lighting showing explosive growth, and gradually settled by entering a crucial period of the industry structure , market competition heats up cosmetic . And when these networks are hot words encounter LED, would be what? 

Hi Big Ben & P : favorable policies 

" Loved , uplifting , celebrate , excitedly spread the news ," the acronym , which means that one thing everyone happy , we have to share it with each other informed . And if the inventory within the LED industry's most hi big Ben & Poor thing, than a series of favorable policies , good quality products. 

Since 2009 , state and local governments have promulgated a series of policies , and vigorously support the development of LED lighting industry. 2013 , six ministries jointly issued the " semiconductor lighting industrial energy conservation plan," then " the State Council on accelerating the development of energy-saving environmental protection industry view" also have been introduced. In the " views" , expressly to promote the semiconductor lighting industry. LED industry to support the introduction of a series of national policy , that the government 's strong commitment to promoting the popularization of LED lighting continues unabated . Rather than in the past , today's promotion policy is more prominent indoor lighting applications and LED lighting products to increase financial subsidies to promote efforts which will accelerate the popularization of LED lighting speed , the majority of businesses and consumers, LED , are all positive . 

Positive Energy : LED standard construction 

" Positive energy " is currently a well known network buzzwords , refers to a healthy optimism , positive motivation and emotion. In the lighting industry, government and major leading enterprises to actively promote the construction of LED standards within the industry is becoming a powerful positive energy . 

As the capital of the LED circles fanatical chase Currently, LED lighting business has reached the 10,000 . However , many manufacturers do not have the R & D capabilities , simply assemble the light source and accessories , it is easy once not strict quality problems . LED lighting into the low threshold , coupled with lack of industry standards and mandatory testing and certification of the absence , so product quality suffered a great crisis of confidence. Should not regulate the LED lighting market , the whole industry will be injured . 

Currently , the government and the industry leader is stepping up the LED industry standard construction work. 

Earth do Peng : Love Island Birmingham source , Ann Can Love , Radar Love 

" Tyrant, we be friends " quickly became popular on the Internet since the second half of 2013 . In the network, " Tyrant " refers to those ostentatious, abnormal broad range of knowledge and cultural level is not high but the idea of the rich, and the " Tyrant be friends " has become a kind of black humor netizens . In the lighting industry , there are many " Tyrant ", they seize the opportunity or the era of rapid development, and growth in the industry in a short time fame, but its core technology research and development, management level , but there are some with big international brands gap. 

In the traditional lighting of the times , mostly as a " dark room " type fragmented between state enterprises . And now this man operation has been difficult to adapt to the way the new competitive environment . Between enterprises through vertical and horizontal way slowly to break , mergers and acquisitions, cooperation is becoming more frequent in the industrial chain synergistic manner in order to quickly seize market share. This fusion themed strategic expansion space quietly opened the integration of innovative LED lighting industry , but also will create new markets, new technologies, new applications , help to further improve productivity and industrial competitiveness of the industry. 

Tall : Guangya Exhibition 

Tall , namely high , the atmosphere, on the level of short, describe things of quality, grades, and occasionally make use of irony , which is now frequently appear in a variety of network software, and entertainment programs. At present, the lighting industry in various exhibitions , forums springing up one after another. 

Guangya Exhibition After 10 years of development , has developed into the world's largest lighting exhibition. 2013 , the 18th Guangzhou Guangya Exhibition held in Pazhou Complex . The Guangya Exhibition covering a total of 21 exhibition halls, exhibition area of ??210,000 square meters , brought together more than 2,900 exhibitors.

For the lighting industry, Guangya Exhibition has become the industry benchmark and barometer development . As a world-renowned exhibition , Guangya Exhibition external display is not just corporate image of the window , but also the opportunity to fight among brands competing against Yan . Exhibition , LED already dominate the world, foreign giants , local chiefs, cross rookie gathered from upstream chip technology to downstream lighting applications , as well as accessories such as power -driven , Products scene for the industry offer a plate " tall on " luxury feast , MIC will carry independent research and production led lighting products  led corn light, led tube, led high bay light ,led flood light,led street light,led tunnel light to participate Guangya Exhibition . 

Feel tired, do not love : running, closures 

From the watercress on a 95 after the boy sigh, " tired, feeling that he will not love again " after abbreviated to " feel tired, do not love ," commonly used in the self-deprecating unacceptable but powerless to change things when . 

As competition intensifies LED , LED industry has long been over previous years profits, into the era of meager profit . Today, many people in the lighting fittest jungle full of anxiety and a sense of crisis , and profits dive , monetary tightening, the imbalance between supply and demand , many with low-quality low-cost, low-end manufacturing lack of core competitiveness of enterprises to embark the demise of the road . 2013 , Guangzhou and southern regions have more than 100 LED company filed for bankruptcy . It sucks , but is a matter of surprise makes sense . A few years ago crazy influx of capital from various quarters , as the market is bound to the emergence of a large number of business failures centralized , M & A situations. LED is no longer a "windfall island ." LED, say love you , is not easy. 

People do not split the storm : the price war 

"Life is so hard , some things do not expose the " short, joked that people should be used to support mutual tolerance , mutual strife should not be destroyed.

Price war from two perspectives , one is due to advances in technology optimization , process improvement or management enables cost reduction , so that the terminal decline in product prices, consumers large gains , the price war on the development of the industry has a positive role in promoting ; there is the case regardless of the long-term development , by cutting corners , poor low-end manufacturing and reduce costs, which is tantamount to dry Ze and fishing , to the development of the industry will cause great harm. The healthy development of the industry, requires the joint efforts of the industry, we do not let each other down and the industry in trouble .