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  • 新闻名称: LED lights "Butterfly Effect"
  • 发布时间: 2014-06-18

The hot summer is coming quietly, the peak is also at this time, energy saving inevitably becomes an unavoidable topic. The family how to energy saving? Choose energy-efficient lighting products is clearly an important means of Many families are ready to decorate the house, must take into account the energy-saving products. Compared with incandescent lamps, energy-saving lamps are not cheap, however, "incandescent although cheap, but easy to bad, energy-saving lamp energy saving worry, can recover the cost of a few years."

As the facts such as envisioned?

We calculated brushstroke bill: the results showed that, the incandescent lamp energy saving lamp and 25W a 5W with the same light effect, and its service life is about 8 times of an ordinary incandescent lamp. From the price point of view, buy a good quality energy saving lamp about 10 to 15 yuan, equivalent to spend 5 to 8 incandescent lamps. But the lighting energy-saving lamp life of 8000 hours, the equivalent of 8 incandescent lamps and. In power consumption, 40 hours of use 25W incandescent lamp will consume 1 kilowatt hours of electricity, if you replace the use of 5W energy-saving lamps, 40 hours only consumes 0.2 kilowatt hours of electricity. Long term use of energy-saving lamps, or more cost-effective, and better lighting effect.

From 2009 to 2013, the Office of the national development and Reform Commission, the green lighting project in 27 CFL donation activities and poor areas, donated to promote energy-saving lamps, 2.587 million years was expected to save 120 million kWh and save electricity 60 million Yuan.
It's just promoting a microcosm of efficient lighting products in China in recent years. According to statistics, only 2008-2010, total invested 2.562 billion yuan in the central budget to promote efficient lighting products and 360 million. "These highly efficient lighting when electricity generated during the life cycle of about 66 billionkilowatt. "Liu shengping, said President of China Association of lighting industry, calculated at 0.5 Yuan per kWh of electricity, 1 central subsidies could save 13 bucks, making a total for the majority of urban and rural residents and bulk electricity costs energy-saving lamps save users some 33.3 billion yuan.

Not only that, in the promotion of the financial subsidy policy driven, lighting products industry gradually standardize. "At present, good quality, moderate price of green lighting products has gradually become the mainstream lighting market, fake the product is further squeeze the living space. But in a small city and rural area, the weak link of green lighting products promotion is still." Deputy director of the national development and Reform Commission to promote energy-saving lamp project management office Lv Fang said.

As the lighting area of conservation, star, energy saving lamp is accompanied by a lowering of the evolution of technology, performance, price stabilization, and change the concept of consumer and gradually become the mainstream of our life lighting options. Recently, LED light emerging because of the more obvious energy saving effect and convenient control, became "the star of stars".

Why LED lamp energy saving effect so outstanding? This is because the consumption of ordinary incandescent lamp the normal work of the electric energy into light energy is only 10%, and the LED lamp energy utilization rate can reach 90%.So, the incandescent lamp energy saving lamp, LED lamp and 5W a 3W 25W with the same light effect. In addition, an average of 30000 hours for LED lamp life, is more than 25 times that of incandescent lamp.

LED lighting products today, the service life of up to 50000 hours,MIC  LED corn lamp, LED bulb,LED tube,and so on, won the customer favorite.

Attention is drawn to the green lighting products, although "looks very beautiful", but the market still has many inferior products mixed. Lighting products of some poor, in use after two or three months will appear obvious decay, and some products have obvious scintillation, will cause damage to the eyes. Quality supervision department, in the purchase of energy-efficient lighting products, be sure to choose the regular manufacturers products, and look for the product certification mark.

"To change a light bulb, and change the way we think, we can change the whole world." UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said. A lamp is probably not worth mentioning, but gathered energy that we can not be ignored. Thrift moral, low carbon life, may wish to start from now, start from each of us.