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  • 新闻名称: led industry must a way out of the five direction
  • 发布时间: 2013-12-21

LED lighting company future battle for survival. Every industry, follow such a rule, the survival of the fittest, the weak out. Do not become strong, eliminated will be the final results, how to be strong? It depends on the enterprise how to seize the opportunity, to seek survival and development. The personage inside course of study says, the lighting industry to follow the "Five" construction direction, to conform to the law of the development of LED lighting.

1, the appearance of fashion. The appearance of people, is the first impression of the product, is the direct embodiment of lighting decoration. With the improvement of living standard, people on the quality of life of the increasingly high demand, the lamp appearance will pay more attention to, let LED lamp both environmental protection and energy saving, and gorgeous fashion, become the manufacturers in pursuit of the goal. Can imagine, LED lighting, beautiful, fashionable, can make people be good to hear or see, improving people's life, beautify our living environment.

2, intelligent control. Lighting control to change the switch mode single, can choose a variety of models according to different scenes of light brightness, automatically adjust the brightness of light and color, and can also adjust the color, to meet the needs of the people, to achieve the best lighting and energy saving effect. Not only transportation, mining, shopping malls, office buildings, lighting to the remote, centralized and intelligent control, but also the people home lighting can also be done remotely by mobile phone or computer, make people's lives more convenient, environmental protection. These previously thought to be Arabian Nights, unbelievable idea, is now the manufacturers study realized.

3, production automation. The development of LED lighting industry today, there are many rely on manual work or labor intensive small factories, small enterprises. Research and development personnel and equipment of these manufacturers not professional, and no strict quality assurance system, the product prices, quality can not be guaranteed, seriously disrupting the LED lighting market, harm the interests of consumers. This phenomenon must be changed, the future LED production enterprises have the strength, to strengthen product development efforts, and continuously improve the production capacity, establishing a scientific, perfect quality guarantee system.

4, product standardization. In the LED lighting industry, in addition to a number of professional production of LED lighting products of large enterprises such as Shanghai twice, with R & D strength and strong production capacity, more LED lighting company foundation is very weak, the lack of professional production strength, produce product specifications, technical parameters do not meet the standards of the industry, is very confused. In order to maintain the LED lighting market healthy and orderly development, realize the upgrading of products with the sharing of resources, research and development and production of professional manufacturers will be duty bound to take to promote the industry product standardization, standardization of responsibility, efforts to promote continuously in the specification, mature direction LED lighting industry.

5, sales of globalization. With the development of LED lighting market, LED lighting products are accepted by more and more people, the superiority of LED lighting products have become increasingly prominent. Not only the domestic usher in the huge consumer market, the international market should not be overlooked. As long as we practice the internal strength, continue to develop to reach the international advanced level products, a sales globalization era will come.

Shenzhen MIC photoelectric Co Ltd is conform to the LED market reform, gradually from the five aspects of development, believe that the transition MIC will succeed, able to withstand a new challenge, now MIC LED products led corn light,led tube,led street light,led high bay light,led flood light,led tunnel light Had sold American, France, Israel, Hungary and so on more than 50 countries and regions. MIC’s change is successful, also to the target made a step closer: Do China-made LED lighting world-class brand.