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  • 新闻名称: The development of led lighting industry
  • 发布时间: 2011-07-22

Based on DIGITIMES Research analysts’s analysis , although the LED light output value share of the total lighting market share is still low, but under the global environmental consciousness, LED lighting has become one policy for many developing countries. And with national policy ‘s promotion , the value of LED lighting will be promoted.


From the view of the LED luminous efficiency development schedule, which is set by United States Department of Energy (DOE) , the 2010 target is that the lumen should reach 140lm / W, 2020 years is 243lm / W


Look at the overall development of LED lighting market, in the past LED lighting applications mainly are portable lighting, decorative lighting, indirect lighting and so on. Till 2011 year, because of the incandescent lamps will be banned in 2012 year, so LED light bulbs wil significantly grow in large quantity, and the output value is estimated to reach about 80 billion U.S. dollars,.

After 2012 year, many countries will begin to reservebudget for LED lamps,and the price for LED lighting is declining more than 30% each year. It is estimated in 2013, the output value for the global LED lighting penetration rate will reach 20%.