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  • 新闻名称: three LED " big brother" to talk about the future trend of the industry
  • 发布时间: 2014-03-03

2014 is the year of the outbreak of the LED industry,three LED industry heavyweights have published the views of industrial development,is the most comprehensive IPR protection mechanism from the start,is to accelerate the LED industry consolidation,or increase government subsidies,different people have different views.
BDO Runda Group chairman and chairman Wang Dong-lei NVC:improve intellectual property protection mechanism
For now, both from a technical level or the level of scale, China 's LED industry has been living in the world.
From the industry's sustainable development and global competition point of view,we hope to be in a relatively free market competition conditions, from the national level to provide better intellectual property protection mechanism,and develop appropriate industrial access,product standards,environmental protection and energy conservation as a environment-friendly industries,we also hope that the government will give more policy support in popularizing LED, technical training and the introduction of other aspects.
DENG Zi- long rectangular chairman and general manager of semiconductor lighting Corporation : LED industry consolidation imminent
2014 is the year of the outbreak of the LED industry,LED lamps cost has been accepted by the market,the market demand is gradually heavy volume.Meanwhile,governments have introduced policies to phase out incandescent lamps and promote the application of LED lighting in indoor lighting,LED lighting market will develop rapidly.However,there also exists the LED lighting industry disorderly competition, price competition,standards are not uniform and other factors hampered the healthy development of the industry,industry consolidation and upgrade is imminent. 
Shenzhen Mason Technologies Co., Ltd.Chairman Li Zhijiang : increase the LED lighting business support
Reduction of carbon emission reduction is particularly important for China's economic development,energy-saving products manufacturing,application and energy service industry has become an important way to achieve energy saving. As a strategic emerging industry of environmental protection and low-carbon,LED lighting,energy saving has become an important part of the energy industry, and will continue to play an important role.Recommended that the Government in the implementation of low-carbon energy saving policies,more attention and proper tilt of LED lighting products manufacturer support,so that those who have high-quality lighting products production capacity,good capital platform and innovative technology LED manufacturer,have the willingness and ability participate in professional lighting energy services,and the joint development of integrated energy service providers,energy service industry bigger and stronger country .
With three "big brother" of the proposal and hope,MIC will also make self-improvement efforts,the good service will be always carried on innovation and technology among our innovative professional production of LED corn light, LED tunnel light, LED street light , LED high bay light , LED flood light , LED spotlights, LED tube , LED downlight , LED ceiling light , LED panel lights , LED bulbs are exported outside , in order to achieve our mission : to make China the world's manufacturing LED lighting class brand.