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  • 新闻名称: In 2014 the global LED lighting market will continue to grow
  • 发布时间: 2013-12-12

Throughout this year's lighting market development situation. It is predicted the trend of LED lighting market will be a sustained growth in the next year.

According to the estimation of DIGTTIMES Research, in 2014 the global high brightness LED value of annual growth rate will be 12.9%, to $1274million. The industry growth is drived by LED lighting, flat computer, mobile device, vehicle application etc. The  annual growth rate will be respectively 64.2%, 36.8%, 9.2%, 9.8% by counting use the number of led.

In contrast, large size backlight application product is decay, if count the number of LED  components using, In 2014 the annual reduction rate will be respectively 6.7%, 10.1%, 3.8% in the notebook computer (NB), monitor (Monitor), TV . There is a limit increase of TV blacklight application in 2014 due to the high permeabilty of 2013 LED TV ,coupled with the factor of the increase proportion of direct type LEDTV with using of less blacklight , resulting in LED using attenuation. Although 4KLEDTV can drive the increase of the number of backlight application, however the proportion of this type is low , so count the overall LEDTV backlight use, it will show the decay.

The side of global LED lighting market, estimating that in 2014 the market size will reach $2582million, the penetration of amount will be23.4%,

 main because the shippment amount  of LED lighting,led bulbLED tube and LED spot light will grow exponentially.


The annual growth rate of LED lighting production will be 38% due to the price will become cheaper. If count by the number of led components 

application in the lighting production. in 2014 the proportion of bulb will be the highest ,it is up to 36.8%, followed by the LED tube and LED spot light, the proportion will be respectively 33.4%, 23.3%.