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  • 新闻名称: 315--look at the lighting market
  • 发布时间: 2014-03-15

Home environment has become increasingly important to create an atmosphere and environment lighting also highlights the important role. In recognition of the diverse role of the lamp , the user can start on indoor lighting products in -depth selection .
Whether in the lighting of the city , or in the growing prosperity of the online store , an array of lighting always makes it difficult to make a choice . Since consumers do not have the expertise , often difficult to choose to suit their own lighting products.
At the same time , the different businesses in order to make a profit and a variety of publicity, publicity also choose different products in order to increase the difficulty , not to mention the name of many businesses for consumers to consider the guise of false propaganda , allow consumers to unpredictable mislead its buy Zhicijiagao products profiteering .
World Consumer Rights Day ( 3.15 ) is coming, you will take this opportunity to analyze some of the false propaganda of lamps , so you can avoid misleading at the time of purchase, choose the right products for household lighting to create a warm and comfortable environment.
Product prices were inflated
Many consumers buy lamps will find that the price of the lamp is very different , not only different kinds of products , different brands of the same type of products have different price.
In order to attract consumers, merchants will launch promotions from time to time , but also lead to different lighting transaction price . However, in lighting stores and online shops there are distinct entities , consumers can bargain in the store , or to get deals by buying multiple items , while online stores are generally not negotiable prices.
When it comes to promotions, we all know that most of the time , including lighting products , including many times the original price in the activities will then raise the price even higher prices during the event will be the case , this is a lack of respect for consumers .
For consumers , the price of the store and other shops can by comparison , can also end mobile software to scan the bar code of the product to know the approximate price. Search online shop you can rely on plug-ins to complete, so that we can know the price of the product trends.
By price comparison of products, we can avoid wasting money and more , you can also identify business promotional activities in the end there is no sincerity , sincerity of businesses still do not have shunned it. Also to be negotiated and businesses clear whether the price includes installation costs , in order to avoid adding unnecessary trouble.
Product life vacuity
Due to the long life of the product can be further consumers, many businesses in promoting and even marked the life of the product life will adopt false ways to attract consumers to buy the product .
General lighting of the material is more durable, but decided lamp life is often the life of the light source. Many businesses will claim the life of the product can reach tens of thousands of hours, users can not use the time to test the actual lighting , which requires the life of our team have some understanding of the different light sources .
Life has a range of different sources , different brands vary , but no more than a lot of normal life. Generally , incandescent life of 1000-2000 hours ; tungsten halogen lamp lifetime of 1500-4000 hours ; fluorescent lamps (CFLs ) about the life of 7500-12000 hours ; longest life LED lights , about 20,000 -4 million hours.
Light source lamp life ( hours )
Incandescent 1000-2000
Tungsten Halogen 1500-4000
Fluorescent lamps (CFLs ) 7500-12000
LED lights 20000-40000
Thus , as long as you know what to buy their own lamps are light, you can roughly know what its life level . Of course , you can replace light fixtures should also be taken into account, are often reluctant to replace the light source user or choose more appropriate long-life products .
Color parameters are not real
In areas of the light source , the color temperature is the color of the light emitted by the lamp . Many users do not have in-depth understanding of this and , in the choice of products , they also susceptible to propaganda.
In fact , the color temperature is relatively simple one parameter. Average values ??for the warm color temperature of the light , its light color similar to incandescent below 3300K ; color temperature is between 3300K-5300K neutral white light softer ; 5300K color temperature values
above is cool light source close to natural light , gives a bright feeling.
Some businesses sell lamps in time, will mark a different color temperature, color temperature value or claims to be more suitable for the user , which we need to distinguish themselves up . General bedrooms need warm light , so light color give people a warm feeling for the rest of the bedroom ; living room and den suit with white light , allowing us to work and study at the time to concentrate ; kitchen and dining room lighting should using a white light , you can better restore the color of dishes , so that our appetite is better.
Simply put, light yellowish light color , light color is cool bluish light is warm . Just make sure the space you need to use lighting , you can choose the appropriate lighting product.
Also note that there is no light at the time of purchase or color temperature of light and color marked product is not recommended to buy , there are large differences in the color temperature of the product also needs to be carefully chosen.
While some businesses value the short-term interests and false propaganda , but as long as the intention to discriminate , you can still see its inherent nature . I believe you have a bright , will be able to cut through the fog of false propaganda, election to desirable products .
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