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  • 新闻名称: Small and medium enterprise small office lighting to survive
  • 发布时间: 2014-02-10

As market competition intensifies, small and medium enterprises to survive the lighting down in the competition has become increasingly difficult, so the small and medium enterprise brand road lighting should be fine at every birth , to a small broad avoid massive tough , aimed at the opportunity , to skillfully deflected the question . 

Compared with Lenovo, so Wahaha has strong strength of large enterprises, small and medium build its own brand of lighting business entrepreneurs who, always felt far behind. In recent years, with the popularity of the brand knowledge , SME bosses gradually began to realize the necessity of transition from China to create manufacturing to China , is also aware of the important role of the brand product sales and profits , but when faced with a tight budget funding and homogeneous products flooding the market , the total will be a kind of " groping in the dark place to start " feeling , people can not attendants . 

Small road lighting companies : "leverage fine place to live ." 

"Building brand is big business thing, we first say good products ", " do not do brand advertising is it? Have money to advertise ! ", So there is no lack of speech in the SME family circle , for branding biased opinion, is bound to affect the growth of a business cycle and growth rate , there is no good brand concept and feasibility of ideas , SMEs simply relying on head-on with big business , big brands to compete , will be difficult mantis trying to stop the car , is not lack of funds ? , less money for the journey Win SMEs do not really exactly what way the SME brand summarizes eight characters " to deduct, fine place to live " : 

First, start with a small office , small office ferret , so small is beautiful 

Ma had a small but beautiful speech about said: "A few years ago I went to Japan, ( see ) a small shop , the door hung a card saying OUR was established 147 years , I am very curious , ran into a look , is a pastry shop selling old lady said that we opened this shop 147 years , that is, the couple , one child, Japan also bought our king cakes, ( mouth side ) filled with a special happy smile and I believe companies want to do better and happier than doing big , small businesses do more flavor . " , we should have heard this speech, small and focus , depth of exploration, is a small but beautiful core demands , this statement should not be only allow electricity providers have touched , harvest, traditional SMEs should learn from their own nutrients, so the homogenization of flooding the market , " survivor ", " What I would imitate the market what , plus devices on the line ." , many SMEs sitting " cottage Express" , sent his own grave . Some small business product category reaches dozens or even hundreds of species, many large companies are many times the product category , but its vast product line can be matched marketing strategy, personnel structure , but it is a fraction of the channel to promote investment . Small business strength is small, the power should be limited , focused on the star product to create and keep a positive surprisingly , can be truly a survivor . MIC aware of the problem products into six main product  led corn light, led tube, led high bay light ,led flood light,led street light,led tunnel light .

Second, the use of integrated , so small into large gains 

If the branding metaphor becomes a girl describes the object , then the planning for this girl style positioning , designed to beautify the dress, and to promote the spread is introduced to in-depth exchange of , if not the spread of promotion, only the planning design, no matter how beautiful girl afraid also JobHunting , so corporate branding brand communication is essential , but for SMEs , the problem is the cost and publicity strategy to promote the brand first face. doubt that Hamlet has been plagued by numerous advertisers and media people , open source, throttling is the fundamental business , especially for small and medium micro enterprises , in the flood of advertising environment, the need for effective marketing strategies to adjust to maintain low promotion costs , ensure quality marketing effectiveness , is king . SMEs should focus on the promotion of accurate advertising , precise aspects of the strategy , public relations, new media , such as self-employed , on the one hand try to avoid the big media golden section , looking for their own products, media , advertising costs will be limited by the marketing throttle rational allocation , strengthen creative, cause word of mouth ; hand build high performing marketing and promotional teams do end-to -face between the precision of consumer promotions, joint contractors of various social welfare activities to improve the visibility and image ; third, it should create your own media platforms , collect consumer fans , build member libraries, to make adequate preparations for the move of precision marketing , the traditional Internet , give full play to the power of online communities publicity , causing the topic , increase the impact , traditional industries should be organically combined with the Internet, mobile Internet . MIC has established microblogging, letters, Tencent , Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other media platform and knowledge. Corporate culture for the majority of fans to share extensive analysis , research, the adoption of a new model of new ideas to ensure that does not fall behind in the new business environment, said simply , when small business owners when they discover their own lack of promotional funds must be from the strategic be adjusted to avoid head-on , with a reasonable marketing channel resources , is bound to do more with less , to deduct . 

Third, the rural areas surrounding the city , a small market-driven big market 

Encircling the cities strategy is suitable marketing strategy for SMEs, branding is not just to build brand and product brands , more importantly, to create market brand , a brand from the point to the surface of the radiation zone , and ultimately to the country, SMEs should from the star model to create regional markets began to plan the layout of the market , from small start, build brand base , when their corporate brand bases everywhere in the country , I believe that the corporate brand reputation far already .