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  • 新闻名称: Led Intelligent Office future trends
  • 发布时间: 2013-11-27

With the diversity and plurality of contemporary office developments, Office lighting energy-saving more and more attention, used for different functions of space established its unique environment is extremely important. How to do combination of tradition and LED lights, reasonable use LED products are the future development trend of office lighting, and reasonable lighting can add vitality and dynamism to the space, can also improve efficiency. Reasonable application of LED product in the Office can not only give space to add vitality and dynamism, and inspired the promotion of work motivation.

First, LED has started the pace of office lighting

Green energy-saving policy of the Government to promote

Green energy-saving policy of the Government during the process of gradually deepening and extension, which originally LED lighting market to promote the road to "Twelve-Five" planning indicators for energy saving, energy saving targets relate to industrial power and promote green building, the Government through the EMC model promoting green building, all kinds of signs that the Government will have a major green energy initiative.

LED Office lighting the next 2-3 years to achieve growth

LED with obvious energy-saving advantages in comparison with traditional lighting products, LED lighting products, compared with the T5, T8 fluorescent tubes, energy-saving rate can be further 50%, return on investment period of less than 2 years, comprehensive product prices had reached a breaking point, next 2-3 LED lighting products will grow very fast.

Second, using combination of tradition and LED lights

Diversity Office lighting, proactive

With the diversity and plurality of contemporary office developments, the lighting environment is different in different regions, but focus on lighting design and light to create a comfortable working environment and living environment, in order to enhance efficiency. Light as a medium for people perceive any goods in which played a very important role. If direct lighting is to play a leading role, MIC, led ceiling light, led spot light, led bulb, led tube, led panel lights led corn light are the finishing touch of the pen. Most direct way to the country as a basis for spatial lighting, single lighting makes the entire Office space look dull, well illuminated as a whole considering the way stiff, designed in order to design, not real people.

Office space in relation to other spaces, lamps may be simple, but if you truly fabulous artistic need more sensual combination of thinking and reasoning, in order to achieve perfect harmony.

Office lighting design

Office space known as the "hard and soft sweep", throughout ancient and modern design-interior design (Office space), by their very nature line is a combination of point, line and plane, starting from the earliest design, architecture has always been underpinned by the interior design, while the interior design is the soul of design, architectural design and interior design interoperability exists. Good lighting design from the shell of the building and nature is a myth, and a good lighting design is a language, is a slow read, can truly absorb the essence of a good lighting design and art, is the need to slow the appreciation can truly perceive it.

Open type and tone of the Office from the ceiling of an office building can be seen, the white-dominated, so lighting Department of materials recommended use light colors, the second under the ceiling molding and floor paving, lines and surfaces, in order to harmonize very well and the overall ceiling, consider using "linear light".

Third, the future development trend of intelligent analysis LED Office lighting

Senior dialogue LED Office lighting

Promotion of LED lighting in Office lighting, I think the first thing you should do some shows, so we truly feel the advantages of LED lighting. A few years ago some of the negative impact of poor-quality products on the market now remain, so it is through large-scale projects and projects to showcase images of semiconductor lighting and effects.

During the whole product is still maturing, so promotion should exercise caution, there should be some typical projects, demonstration projects, so that cases can lead to use of LED lighting products.

Also, needs some sources, is completely focused on the consumer distribution channels is difficult, because of higher prices for good products, consumers also needs to be a process of awareness and acceptance. Project channels continue to accumulate, eventually going similar to traditional marketing channel mode.

Office lighting needs calls for change in traditional cognitive

With China's rapid economic development and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the lighting industry has made great strides in the development of our country, of course, Office lighting is no exception. In order to further understand the current situation and development trend of Chinese Office lighting recently reporters speak most on Office lighting industry leaders conducted an interview with lang lighting.

At present domestic status of office lighting, and ,MIC lighting factory owner believes that current domestic awareness of office lighting there is a large gap with the West. Many people will simply think superposition of office lighting is the lighting, you can bring that around, but it's not. There is internal when selecting fixtures, final factors tend to fall in price, lamps should be selected taking into account a number of factors.

Office lighting is actually a project requires an overall solution, fully integrated office environment, the light distribution curve of lamp, illumination and other factors in order to achieve the best lighting effects. MIC lighting factory is currently doing the work, not just those to good products and services, but also to guide customers, make people understand the true meaning of office lighting. Trust as Office lighting industry continues to develop and continuously improve cognition, decisive in the users purchase prices will gradually weaken the role, people will enjoy more efficient and more energy-efficient office lighting, more user-friendly services.

Application of LED lighting more and more into our lives, consumes the largest Office in the future trend of lighting will be replaced in the field, it is not only to provide lighting, more attention to improving and enriching people's visual perception and spatial sense, creating a desirable living and working environments.