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  • 新闻名称: LED industry, real spring coming
  • 发布时间: 2013-11-08

LED industry planning will be abolished, the Chinese Government put forward this motion and without giving any reason, in many people's eyes led lighting industry came into the winter, and led industry Outlook is not promising.

Recently, however, notes that information showed that the two groups LED the industry real spring is around the corner.

Information: Green Energy Department-food market research firm TrendForce LEDinside13 said in a report, 2013 LED package market value of us $ 12.5 billion, expected in 2014 to reach $ 13.39 billion, the annual growth rate of 7%.

LEDinside believes that 2014 LED highlights market still dominated by tablets and Smartphones-backlit applications, lighting applications in engineering, business, outdoor led lighting market to grow most significantly. 2014 LED packaging production value will increase substantially in engineering, business, outdoor markets to grow most significantly. Coupled with LED bulbs, LED lamps and the rise of demand for commercial lighting market, power LED in high demand in the market. LEDinside expected in 2013 and 2014 high power LED power LED production value will surpass revenue.

Message two: a few days ago, world-renowned Littelfuse circuit protection solutions company Electronics Division Vice President Deepak Nayar, said: according to our observations, LED lighting is one of the fast-growing industry. When lighting 2011 sales of less than $ 5 million are expected by 2015 to achieve the size of 17 million dollars, and circuit protection products will be increasingly used in outdoor lighting lamps.

For fast development of home LED lighting, Deepak Nayar, said: "in this area, I would like to say is the current United States and Japan is a world-leading position in home, more and more of the United States and Japan families choose to transition from traditional incandescent bulbs to LED. Business is undoubtedly the most important piece, including street lighting, lighting of the stadium, lighting also have a Sun identity. In China, the road lighting certainly has a high rate of civilian this piece also has a very high growth rate, but a lot of these are a large number of civilian products made in China and then sold to the United States of MIC led flood lights, led street light, led corn light, led high bay light is a lot sold in overseas markets. Government supporting policies with the phasing out of funds, will restore the LED industry development track, in fair market competition environment, healthy ahead of the LED industry, and wash in order to fight for the so-called "project" bad business, China's LED industry is really coming in the spring.