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  • 新闻名称: MIC LED outdoor lighting design analytical considerations
  • 发布时间: 2014-01-07

Outdoor LED lighting design should conform to our country promulgated the new outdoor lighting technical specification, as well as the city road lighting design standards.

One, work environment

LED outdoor lighting because of the bad working environment, by the wind, rain and sunlight, ultraviolet radiation in sunlight, day night temperature difference, air dust, effect of chemical gas conditions, light year after year by nature aging treatment. The design should fully consider these factors.

Two, LED lamp and heat dissipation material

Shell and the radiator design as a whole, to the heating problem solving LED lighting fixtures, this way is good, generally used in aluminum or aluminum alloy, copper or copper alloy, and the thermal conductivity of other alloy. The heat pipe cooling air convection cooling, wind cooling and heat, (a, pipe cooling jet refrigeration cooling is similar to hot but the structure is more complicated.)

Choose what kind of heat, have a direct impact on the lamp cost, should be taken into account, select the best scheme and design of products.

The lampshade design is also very important, currently use a transparent organic glass, PC material, the traditional lamp is transparent glass products, what choose what kind of materials to design products lampshade positioning, in general, outdoor lamp shade is the best glass products of tradition, it is a manufacturing and long life, the best the choice of high-grade lamps. The transparent plastic, organic glass and other materials do shade, indoor lamp cover of the lamp is good for outdoor life, is limited, because the outdoor sunshine, ultraviolet radiation, dust, chemical gas, the temperature difference between day and night changes and other factors make the lamp aging lifetime, followed by the pollution is not easy to clean and clean, make the lampshade transparency reduces the effect of light output.

Three, the LED chip packaging

LED lamp current domestic production (mainly Street) is the 1W LED multiple serial, parallel assembly, the method of thermal resistance is advanced packaging technology products are high, not easy to create high-quality lamps. Or is the use of 30W, 50W and even larger module assembly, the power required to reach, packaging materials of epoxy resin encapsulating the LED useful, useful silica encapsulation.

MIC produced lamps are fully taken into account these problems,  led corn light, led tube, led high bay light ,led flood light,led street light,led tunnel light The quality of these lamps is guaranteed.