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  • 新闻名称: By "national planning new urbanization " spring flying LED lighting industry
  • 发布时间: 2014-03-24

March 16 evening, Xinhua News Agency broadcast of "national new urbanization plan" ( 2014-2020 ) , which proposed to promote the new city construction planning , clear that the concept of ecological civilization fully integrate urban development, building green production, lifestyles and consumption patterns , and strictly control high energy consumption , the development of high-emission industries. The industry generally believe that as a green energy saving
Led lighting industry
will directly benefit from it , especially with the release of civilian areas , LED lighting industry will usher in the best period of rapid development.
It is understood that , in accordance with national planning , from 1 October 2014 to prohibit the import and sale of 60 watts and above ordinary incandescent lighting ; October 1, 2015 to September 30, 2016 as an interim evaluation period ; October 1, 2016 15 watt incandescent lamp for general lighting or visual evaluation of the results from the date of the interim ban on the import and sale and make adjustments.
Analysts from the broker believes that 2014 will appear for lights LED lighting surges, mainly based on the relevant standard case and subsidy policy in 2014 continued the implementation of the regional markets , to enhance the penetration of LED lighting generates considerable help . Meanwhile , LED lighting with energy-saving light bulbs for general lighting , such as the price difference is not big, consumer environmental awareness , promote global tide appears lamp replacement .
In fact, since last year, with frequent outbreaks of fog and haze , the development of LED industry has sparked widespread concern. "For a large proportion of the total electricity consumption in the lighting industry , and effectively reduce energy consumption, has become a trend ." Industry experts said that with policies to boost , lower costs and a global moratorium plan incandescent batch into force in 2014 , LED lighting market ushered in the great development opportunities, while 2014 will be a year of booming LED lighting . From a global perspective , LED industry in 2014 also continues the triumph of the situation, the economy and high prices . International line LED lighting lighting giants are optimistic about the market , increasing investment .
LED market boom depends primarily on three areas, first stabilize the backlight market , followed by utilities , commercial lighting, massive start again, home lighting penetration is rapidly increasing. And these three conditions have been fulfilled in the current view .
January 30, 2013 , the NDRC , the Ministry of Science and other six ministries jointly issued the " semiconductor lighting energy industry planning " is mentioned , the development of China's lighting industry has gone from general lighting, traditional lighting to LED lighting efficiency and other new sources of stage of development, has become the world's largest producer of electrical lighting , consumer and exporter.
Some analysts said , LED lighting is the rapid increase in penetration of gold for three years. With respect to the LED lighting for commercial , residential lighting market started late . But as prices continue to decline and continue to increase market awareness of , LED lighting products in the civilian field development conditions will gradually mature, civil lighting market will become the new driving force for the development of LED lighting .
he latest annual reports of listed companies , compared with the overall industry loss in 2012 into three, the LED industry is now beginning to usher in a recovery boom . According to statistics, as of March 13 , A shares of 53 companies a total of 39 LED companies announced the 2013 annual report or annual results Letters , in which 23 to achieve profitability , the proportion of nearly six .
According to brokerage agency analysis , round LED industry boom will rise throughout the year , and even into the future LED home lighting penetration rate rising two to three years . Since the beginning of the global LED industry chain company shares were significantly higher, while the A shares related enterprises lagged the market underestimated the outbreak of the home lighting up the LED industry elasticity , the industry is facing a golden opportunity layout.Green energy saving LED lighting industry will directly benefit "national new urbanization plan," ushered in the best period of rapid development.
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