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  • 新闻名称: LED e-commerce rise
  • 发布时间: 2013-12-17

Judging from Ma Yun and Wang Jianlin 100 million dollar huge gamble, online sales in full swing is breathtaking. Big business not only online promotion, offline publicity blow summons. A 50 percent discount, speed of delivery, "four days to buy all" slogans such as Visual shock netizens, Internet Storm: "leave line ruin the family home to prodigal wife" is even more fraught with temptation.
About the games, Ma said, we must win this bet. If by 2020 Wang have won, and that is our entire society loses, our younger generation lost, this generation of effort than previous generations. By then, real estate accounted for the majority of commercial entities, that is, market transformation failed.
When some e-commerce merchants in a highly competitive , LED lighting business has also developed marketing strategy on the outlet, into LED marketing. LED war suddenly smoke everywhere, looking forward to cutting from the channel LED electric companies also are eager to market share.
Fierce battle,
Ingenious methods
LED lighting needs boost, corporate profits generally increase the moment of lighting, channel has become increasingly heated competition has always been keen to open stores, building distribution channels, channels of LED lighting business are increasingly valued. Cat merchant business owner known in southern Italy that, personalization, wireless terminal, new media tools are three new ways to attract customers, the old marketing tool will enable customers to lose interest, trying to break e-commorce  must have a new, innovative marketing mode.
Innovative marketing mode, LED the rise
Sales outlets, was the epitome of the rapid development of the industry in recent years, as more and more traditional retailers have "net" of e-commerce continues to impact traditional marketing models. LED lights and electricity supplier for the first day's sales enterprises enjoy some sweetener. It is understood that the op art lighting, ceiling lighting brands such as Chau Ming Hanyuan breakthroughs do mark opple 60.18 million dominated the top sales, one a opple LED bedroom ceiling lamp, sold more than 4 million, Taobao Mall sales of nearly 50 million.
In terms of marketing channels, and on applied wireless LED electricity supplier in the future makes full text. People in the industry say, this year the network stores give full play to the "three micro-platform" (micro-blogging, micro, micro-Amoy) Publishing offers, make Internet users a real-time understanding of dynamic feedback shopping experience, you can also "micro-scouring" involved in "mobile phone ' shake shake ' will receive a red envelope" campaign, through wireless applications to improve customer experience fun.
Data show Tianmao Mall sale LED products reached 52,290, Jingdong Mall LED product of 21,616. Marriage, LED lighting business Web procurement, merchants, brands, distribution channels with both styles of development in many ways, it obviously opens up a whole new field of electronic commerce. Industry sources said the next LED "stereo-like sales" has the potential to rival with traditional channels, become the broad direction for future development.
MIC in response to market changes, micro-blogging, micro-, and register online B2B platform for marketing products to achieve convergence with the led, of course, MIC has been cooperating with Alibaba platform to sell products led corn light ,led tube,led street light,led high bay light,led flood light,led tunnel light Also achieved some success. MIC believe MA will win, because a new generation has been trying, believe led electricity supplier must be able to develop better and stronger.