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  • 新闻名称: 2014 watch led lighting industry resurgence
  • 发布时间: 2014-01-13

The development of each new industry must pass through the beginning, development, mature, eliminated, survival, integration process. In 2013 the LED lighting industry, through almost all the stage into the rational stage of development.

In the market demand of ascension, became in 2013 the outbreak of the first year of LED lighting, and in 2014 is a crucial year in the development of LED lighting, in the upcoming 2014, industry estimates, LED lighting industry will user in a new round of the outbreak.

Prices continued to decline, the lighting demand will increase

In recent years, the global lighting market began to appear "cut white" effect, at the same time by the rapid decline of upstream chip technology promotion and price, between LED with conventional lighting product gap narrows gradually, the downstream of LED lighting products prices has become an indisputable implementation. At present, LED lighting products price is falling at an annual rate of around 20%, many regional whether to replace 40W or 60W LED bulb lamp minimum price even have less than $10, gradually approaching the traditional energy-saving lamps prices.

At present, the global LED lighting products are in varying degrees of speed gradually decline, mainly for LED product prices, driven the price decline has two aspects: one is the promotion of technology makes the LED production cost can be decreased. In recent years, LED upstream chip field of huge investment, the current chip prices have dropped to 30% in 2010. At the same time, the new technology also emerge in an endless stream. The second is the great prospect of LED lighting, attracted a large number of capital inflows, the increasingly fierce market competition makes the "price" has become an important means of competition of enterprise LED.

The related research center that, thanks to the upper and middle reaches of the advantages of price declined gradually, by 2014 the global LED lighting products price is still down space, is expected to Chinese LED indoor lighting products price 2013-2014 fell by an annual average of about 20%, LED lighting market is expected to usher in a new round of the outbreak of the strong potential. In the past, in the lighting market, to domestic lighting the least permeability, it is because the LED lighting products price is too high for the past, home dress often take years to recover, but now with the LED bulb price, governments have banned incandescent lamp, coupled with the global economic recovery, will contribute to the LED lighting fermentation, expected in 2014 the LED lighting market demand will increase greatly. At the same time, the price decline will accelerate the industry consolidation and the survival of the fittest, forcing enterprises to reduce costs, strengthen management, optimization of resources, the integration of the supply chain, strengthen the competitiveness of the outbreak to meet market.

In 2014 to become the first application of LED lighting

The rapid decline in prices directly affect the LED lighting products terminal market penetration. At present, the global market for LED lighting is rapidly improving permeability. The estimated 2014 LED lighting market value of $35300000000, compared with 2013 growth of 47.8%, at the same time estimates in 2014 the LED lighting will be by this year's permeability to 32.7% 8%-10%, the led bulb and led lamps permeability will respectively reach 20% and 15%.

In the application types of products, in order to replace the light source product growth is most obvious, LED bulb lampled spot lampled ceiling lampled panel light and LED tube are the most popular alternative source types, respectively in 2013 accounted for 38% and 25% of LED lighting products. The future, LED lighting products type demand integrated will gradually rise, especially the combination of intelligent lighting application products, will have a very broad market space.

In support of energy-saving emission reduction requirements of the social world and favorable policy, now, LED lighting products have begun to gradually replace the traditional lighting products. Especially in the Home Furnishing LED bulb lamp, the major international manufacturers to actively carry out multi channel layout, stores, supermarkets, stores and other channels can be seen everywhere the figure of LED. It is reported, so the industry is expected, in each big lighting brand manufacturers and terminal pathway under the pull, the 2014 LED bulb lamp shipments growth rate will be very considerable.