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  • 新闻名称: 2014 was a year of development and growth of LED lighting
  • 发布时间: 2014-01-17

2014 Large LED lighting era, industry inflection point upward , profit improvement , policy catalytic acceleration. 2014 industry boom and expansion of confidence will continue to rise , industry growth is expected to resume high growth . Focus reflects

First : LED and energy-saving lamps close to 1 times the lowest differential ;

Second: $ 10 sweet spot product categories increased rapidly ;

Third: the demand elasticity into the high growth phase , demand increased dramatically for price sensitivity ;

Fourth : LED lighting applications with output proportional contribution will be quite light , is expected to reach more than 40% ;

Fifth : 2014 price decline is relatively limited, single- quarter decline in less than 5%.

From a financial perspective, the LED industry continued to improve profitability , the gross margin is expected to gradually stabilize . From a policy perspective, the 2014 global ban incandescent light entering the peak of the second wave , accelerate the LED lighting related products to promote . 

2014 demand is expected to LED lighting up , or bring the whole industry chain of supply and demand improvements. From the chain perspective, with the rapid growth in demand for lighting applications , go through the production capacity of 2012-2013 , 2014 MOCVD equipment capacity utilization will continue to rise from 74% in 2013 to improve still more than 85% ( from the 2013 national more than 63 % to 72% ) , with the MOCVD equipment utilization improved, the leading international manufacturers have been proposed to increase capital expenditure , highlighting the confidence in the future of the economy . MOCVD equipment to improve capacity utilization , drive upstream Mo source and sapphire demand up , supply and demand is expected to continue to improve ; downstream packaging applications , along with the traditional LED lighting manufacturers to speed up the transition to gradually improve the industry concentration of supply and demand will gradually improve . 

2014 acquisition of consolidation is expected to continue to increase flexibility. According to relevant statistics in 2013 acquired the entire LED industry and has more than ten major events , involving the 11 listed companies , of which involves packaging applications has eight cases , mainly to expand the product structure and product applications development, which involves extend the industrial chain , the main application areas is a further extension to the downstream application package or channel . Our analysts believe that with the advantage of scale reflects the expected acquisition of the entire industry in 2014 will continue , especially in the application of part of the package , there will be more listed companies with a listing of the entire platform and launched a series of acquisitions in order to optimize the product structure and applications fields.