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  • 新闻名称: See two sessions " Government Work Report" to explore LED industry trends
  • 发布时间: 2014-03-07

Increase energy conservation efforts , energy-saving environmental protection industry into a sunrise industry
Premier Li Keqiang second session of the second meeting of the National People's Congress on March 5 opening ceremony of the government work report that efforts to increase energy conservation , control of total energy consumption. 2014 to reduce the energy intensity of 3.9% or more of sulfur dioxide and chemical oxygen demand emissions should be reduced by 2 %. Implementation of building energy efficiency improvements , energy-saving products . Accelerate the development and application of energy-saving technologies and products , energy-saving environmental protection industry into a vibrant sunrise industry.
It is understood that increased investment in energy-saving industry has become the content for several years the government work report ,energy-saving environmental protection industry has been listed as one of the pillar industries. According to the "  "  second five "  energy-saving environmental protection  industry  development plan "  requirement,  and strive to 2015, the national  saving  and environmental protection industry output value reached 4.5 trillion yuan,an increase of the value of gross domestic product (GDP) of about 2% , saving environmental protection industry The annual growth rate of more than 15 %.
National action in promoting energy conservation and emission reduction , the current growth of the industry to determine the most important LED industry . Development of LED industry , is both universal and effective action to promote energy conservation and emission reduction , but also to promote industrial restructuring, transformation of economic growth mode , building an important part of the modern industrial system . Compared to other industries , LED future high visibility. According to market data, the global LED lighting market penetration is rapidly upgrade this year, LED lighting output value will reach $ 17.8 billion , the overall number of LED lighting products shipped 1.32 billion , representing growth of 68%. Bulbs and lamps to alternative sources , such as its most popular products . Estimates, compared with last year's global LED bulb quantity demand will grow 86%, LED lamp quantity demand growth rate reached 89%.
Orderly development of the industry need to resolve overcapacity
 In addition, Premier Li Keqiang in the "Government Work Report" ,referring to focus on the adjustment of economic structure,improving quality and efficiency.For structural problems hinder development, we focus on precise force , the use of market-based instruments and differentiated policy , steady growth in optimizing the structure, promoting transformation in driving innovation,promote quality and efficiency upgrades to Pave the Way for the long-term development.Premier Li Keqiang said that to encourage the development of services to support the strategic development of new industries.Actively resolve serious excess capacity in some industries contradiction,promote energy conservation and pollution prevention.
Through the " Government Work Report" to see the LED industry,is currently out of the problem of overcapacity,2014 will restart investment in equipment and expand production capacity,at the same time, many companies began looking for a new development model.
Throughout the LED industry can be sketched out in product-driven channel to channel to enhance the brand,brand extension of the product line,integrated product and brand capital such a path.From this we can see the path of development,only the " market differentiation ",both matching the current popular segments,but also with a unique user experience, the audience , LED light and strengthen the company has only a deep understanding of the environment,in this personalized custom manufacturing solutions based on light conditions,in order to form an unmatched competitive advantage.
In addition, the technology is always business forever inexhaustible power of life. Enhance technological breakthrough product innovation in technology-driven companies , the exclusive performance outcomes of new technologies in the style,function, use terms;When the efficacy of the product is no longer become a problem,the service has become the enterprise to win the weights code.Behind the rapid development of LED,to the exclusion of service with no hidden "consequence."Therefore,in the new era of LED competition,who can provide attentive service ,will have a head start in the competition.
In the future , the industry will be further guided by the government , business support , international cooperation bringing together the various advantages of resources to build more international LED industry development , professional , quality service support system, reduce the cost of innovation and technological barriers, as soon as possible to complete the LED industry from "big" to "strong " changes.
As can be seen from the " Government Work Report" , the government has increased support for energy-saving environmental protection industry 's determination and strength . LED lighting as a strategic emerging industry of environmental protection and low-carbon , will take the wind continued to play an important role in the policy . So MIC also willing to share the fruits of development photoelectric , Enhancing " Strength" , optimal adjustment of the production structure in the segments of sophisticated technology , our professional autonomy of products : LED corn light, LED street light, LED tunnel light, LED Spotlights light, LED high bay light , LED tube , LED panel light, LED ceiling light, LED downlight further improvement cost , and can only hope spring bathing reform. Complete our mission: to make China a world-class manufacturer of LED lighting brand , to achieve our vision : light the world .