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  • 新闻名称: The qty of Global LED street light grow 42%, Modular Design become a trend
  • 发布时间: 2012-04-18

       For the future development of LED street light, LED industry research institute”LEDinside” said that despite the standards of street light are not complete, the specifications still need to be in accordance the different needs in various regions, but modular design is a trend, and intelligent control system for LED street lamps will be more complete, it is estimated that the installed qty of 2010 Global LED street lamp would be about approximately 870,000pcs, rise up 42.62% when compared with the qty of 610 000pcs in 2009.

LEDinside said, the advantages of LED modules are easy replacement, decreasing maintenance costs. Hence more and more LED street light manufacturers introduced modular design, some manufacturers make thelight source modules and radiator separated . MIC's latest upgraded high power LED street lamp also adopt  4 × 6 LED modules, and use the original US CREE high brightness LED, which will make the quality of MIC LED Street light more stable, more reliable and heat dissipation will be much better .

Another important trend is the intelligent LED street light system, LEDinside said that the current intelligent systems can control the switch of LED street lamp, adjust brightness based on road conditions, judging by whether there are car or pedestrian go through or the environment, thereby increasing the lifetime of LED street lights and saving energy, intelligent systems combined with solar power can be self-sufficient, no need to rely on electricity, conducive to off-grid use in remote regions, the future development to adjust brightness, color, angle automatically as per various of the Environment, but also make the real-time monitoring on the use of street lamp. MIC high-power LED street light can also use with solar power, and achieve temperature control, time control, light control and other intelligent features according to the needs of our customers .

Mainland China, LEDinside said, in 2009 the qty of installed LED street light in mainland China are about 250,000pcs, estimated to 2010, mainland China LED street lamp market will grow 60% and  reach the scale of 400,000pcs, while in 2010 the subsidy policy of the Chinese government has shifted from LED outdoor lighting to LED indoor lighting .To meet this trend, MIC company are trying to develop and improve the indoor lighting, such as LED T8 tube l ight, LED bulb light, LED down light and so on.

U.S. don’t have such similar large-scale LED street lamp subsidy plan like China government-led currently, mainly in the forms of Self-promotion of state government or power companies. The LED Street light bid proposed by Los Angeles in early 2008 about the 5-year 140 000pcs grabbed the world's attention most,  Los Angeles, the number of street lamps are up to 209,000, which is the nation's second and only junior to New York City, this bid start from the year of 2008 and increase at an annual rate of 30,000 to replace.