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  • 新闻名称: LED lighting industry development potential crisis
  • 发布时间: 2013-10-28

Led lighting products on the market coverage has become an increasingly widespread, rapid development gradually replace traditional lamps, led industry under the background of rapid development, China LED lighting industry reveals lack of core technology, innovation capacity, the disorderly competition in the market, and so on. Specific performance is as follows:

First, in terms of overall standard of China and international first-class level there is still a gap of about two years. In many developed and developing countries and regions in the world in accelerating Semiconductor Lighting technology and the development of industry, technology, China is in the second tier.

Second, in terms of production value, at this stage, LED lighting market penetration in mainland China is only 5%, high dependence on imports, the overall cost of core technology become a stumbling block for further development LED industry. LED chip is like a car engine. Lack of core technology will directly restrict the industry's development. It is understood that the upstream LED chip production technology lies in the hands of foreign companies, technical localization process is slow, and affect the development of the industry. MOCVD epitaxial furnace and its related technologies LED the top end of the industrial chain, mainly rely on imports, greatly restricting the cost control of the LED industry upstream.

Three firms to enter the Chinese market, with international giants, continent many of certain core competitive power of enterprises will face the risk of mergers and acquisitions, and the lack of competitiveness of enterprises or will directly be eliminated. If you don't regulate the market, future will likely end up as foreign Jia Yi lighting giant proportions.

Four, blind investment and lack of core technology allows LED lighting market in China quite a mixed bag, regardless of quality. Instability also LED enterprises generally face a dilemma. LED lighting market now there are many SMEs to produce low-quality products, patterns of instability.

Many defects and hazards of the industry, how can we solve the problem?

According to expert analysis, the following recommendations:

Enhance national regional LED industry planning guide as a whole, can be performed as soon as possible the national profession standard, especially demonstration project related products, industry standards, such as street lighting, tunnel lights, display, landscape and so on, were provided by local government procurement and product standards.

Second, the increasingly fierce market competition, strengthening the research and development of next-generation Semiconductor Lighting technology is imperative. At the same time, semiconductor lighting core localization of MOCVD equipment as soon as possible, fundamentally alter the situation of high-end equipment to promote sustainable semiconductor lighting strategic emerging industries, rapid and healthy development in China. The introduction of relevant supporting policies as soon as possible, strengthening the establishment of testing facilities and specifications, avoid things that are in line with the actual test results and to raise the overall standards of testing and credibility.

The industry believe that LED to a Terminal application products on the Chinese market prices is caused by many reasons, such as production costs, marketing costs, and so on. But near two years, China continental has in LED core technology aspects made efforts and made must effectiveness, MIC led tube has themselves of research patent, in led street light, led high bay light, led flood light, led tunnel light, has themselves unique of design, full consider to led lamp of thermal problem, and the LED lamp of various waterproof dust, features. As the use of independent core technologies in China, LED the upstream industry costs will be further reduced, while mainland enterprises listing and financing, will also have more money to invest in research and development, and enhance the overall international competitiveness of the industry as a whole, and accompanied the penetration rate of LED products in the Chinese market rose as well as the expansion of the international market, and LED product marketing costs will also be further controlled. Suggested related government departments to encourage the industry LED corporate research and development, and to award the patent.