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  • 新闻名称: China's first retail buildings led lighting can reference value to be announced
  • 发布时间: 2013-10-26

 The first reference value of architectural led lighting energy consumption in retail, and established two models--the energy consumption predicting model and its subjective evaluation model. Pass the test network to build, database building, the dynamic monitoring of the retail enterprise lighting energy consumption, help lighting businesses predict market trends, offer dynamic lighting energy-saving advice for retail businesses.
"Twelve-Five" for the development of retail guidance makes it clear that "to support the retail business to implement energy-saving led lighting system reconstruction work. "But retail led lighting system on energy-saving reconstruction, based on the criteria, but since there is no clear guidance on data or standards.
In this regard, China lighting Association Chairman xuhuai said first retail architectural led lighting energy consumption reference values are introduced, this data not only filled the domestic blank, led for formulation of policies related to energy-efficient lighting, design specifications for information support. For promoting healthy development of the whole lighting industry as well as supporting retail lighting system energy-saving reconstruction work has far-reaching significance.
Retail enterprises annually in enormous costs in terms of led lighting, including lamps, electricity charges and maintenance cost of equipment, if committed against a retail business environment more effective energy-saving solutions, will help them to save a lot of costs, creating great economic and social benefits. Also hopes can effective upgrade retail enterprise of led lighting energy consciousness, because led lamp not only environmental and more energy, besides can application to all area, led indoor lighting can with LED tube, and led panel light, and led bulb, and led spot light, and led corn light, led outdoor lighting can with led corn lamp, and led Street light, and led high bay light, and led flood light, and led tunnel light,. To promote the concept of energy saving led lighting, has some power!
MIC according to industry under the background of rising, would also help partners save energy, reduce costs, improve efficiency, and achieve a win-win situation!