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  • 新闻名称: Development analysis of the LED lighting business
  • 发布时间: 2013-10-14

LED lighting to today by many people inside and outside of the watch is an indisputable fact that, today, it may be questioned if LED is the next solar, but MIC believe that LED industry PV industry entirely different nature, in front of the next-generation light source did not appear likely disappear.
Through the development of landscape lighting, led outdoor lighting, LED indoor lighting and a period of high-speed development, specific reasons there are three points: first, the policy of good; the second is the technological upgrading of the product, with price/performance alternative to traditional lighting products; third, consumer awareness of the LED lighting more and more clear.
Since its establishment in 2003, Ministry of science and technology-led "National Semiconductor lighting project coordination leading group", the State issued a series of policies to support the development of LED lighting industry. In 2009, the Ministry of science and technology pilot project started ten hundred semiconductor lighting application. In 2011, the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Commerce, General Administration of customs, State administration of industry and commerce, quality supervision and quarantine jointly issued a gradual prohibition on the importation and sale of incandescent lamps for general lighting bulletin from October 1, 2012, according to the power phase out of incandescent lamps for general lighting. In 2012, carried out by the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of finance, Ministry of science and technology, "semiconductor lighting products for two thousand twelve-two thousand thirteenths financial subsidies to promote project", pry large users in particular lighting of LED lighting applications.
2013, national NDRC, and Technology Department, and Ministry, and Treasury, and live built Department, and QC General joint prepared has semiconductor lighting energy industry planning under, clear has promotion LED lighting energy industry output annual growth 30% around, 2015 reached 450 billion yuan, which LED lighting application products 180 billion yuan; formed 10-15 home master core technology, and has more autonomous intellectual property and well-known brand, and quality competitiveness strong of leading enterprise.
LED lighting cake is very attractive, good market prospects, attracting various capital started flocking to LED lighting. As technology advances and policy to create a spiral effect play a role in LED lighting costs reduced, product quality has improved significantly. Rising electricity prices, a global cut-off policy ban incandescent lamps, LED lighting technology continues to improve and mature, LED lighting products price increase ,LED Semiconductor Lighting industry is driving China leap-forward development.
Now 10 years later, and LED lighting industry in China has made great achievements. LED landscape lighting, film and television stage lighting, emergency lighting, airport lighting, road lighting application is already quite mature. Indoor lighting research and development pace that LED into the field of interior lighting.
In 2013, the LED lighting applications into the interior lighting age over the next three years will usher in a golden era of indoor LED lighting applications, will be the development of LED lighting industry in it. CITIC investment research report shares the view that LED outbreak has arrived, "overall LED production value reached 205.9 billion yuan, China in 2012, belong to the Terminal application and raw materials but from 159 billion yuan, accounted for more than 77.2%. By 2015, the global LED lighting market will reach us $ 44.2 billion, penetration rate of 38.6%. ”
For nearly two decades, LED lighting products, decline in price of 30% more than a year, continued to decline, price disadvantage of preventing LED a large scale is diminishing. At present in the Terminal market, both the dealer and the consumer acceptance of LED lighting products increased significantly. This bodes, LED lighting in the Terminal period of explosive growth in the market has actually come.
LED lighting market demand, end-user acceptance increased gradually, LED lighting, which undoubtedly is a positive sign. In this context, deepen the Terminal channels naturally become the focus of LED lighting manufacturers. Starting from the second half of 2012, "the channel" has become a very hot topic. According to industry research shows that, while the 2012 domestic LED manufacturers take revenues accounted for less than 20% channel mode, but over the past two years, LED lighting manufacturers have gradually begun to channel layout, traditional lighting manufacturer in accelerating the pace of restructuring to consolidate its own channel.
Original LED lighting products are sold primarily through a variety of projects is currently LED application products have entered the commercial lighting, Office lighting, home lighting market, consumers ' perception of LED earlier than expected. In this case, and the traditional lighting of LED lighting "channels." Deepening the channel overall planning, brand is already a matter of burning urgency.