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  • 新闻名称: Analysis LED market prospects
  • 发布时间: 2013-09-09

LED industry The change reflects the most recent market posture of the extremely sensitive. In 2010, the increase in demand TV LED upstream and downstream industry has a very high economic growth, but in 2011, the global demand slump prosperity, in order to allow LED industry has suffered a sharp decline. However, the recent LED lamp price declines and the Governments of the LED lighting of policy support, the LED industry photos show a positive return.
The industry's most upstream LED crystal rod, base LED standards, in 2010 not only to supply prices, but also some of the enterprise market monopoly situation,LEDindustry 2011 recession, suffering from price crash, inventory, sales, great difficulties.
However, in 2012 the blue LED to stabilize market prices have been reduced based on supply and demand balance of the search for and, in particular, China and the Republic of Korea and emerging businesses, and build a big supply enterprises to increase chip, there is hope that the break by a few companies have monopolized the market structure.
There are crystal and large enterprise business, and two magazines are all business career will also be a lot of changes. For example, 3 star e-merge the 3 star LED, completed the result in upstream and downstream industries, vertical integration. It is therefore a low-cost, expansion of production capacity, will result in increased crystal rod from LED lighting products like led corn light,led tube,led street light,led high bay,led flood light,led tunnel light and application of industrial competitiveness.
China, as a result of government policy to support the cause of LED light related emerging enterprises to continue to increase, the existing companies are actively expanding productive capacity. Meanwhile, the Chinese market is also expected to give increasing LED lighting, and the largest in the world supply and demand situation of the market, and get more attention.