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  • 新闻名称: China policy boost led market development
  • 发布时间: 2013-12-31

In 2012 the LED package used in the lighting market value of about $26.6 million, compared to 2011, grew 23.5%. The LED package is applied to the construction of landscape lighting or LED flood light, LED bulb lighting, indoor lighting the highest proportion. However, in the LED package prices continued to decline, the lighting market demand also slowly by the early introduction and price incentives and gradually open. 

Now, China has huge market scale and strong lighting industrial base, this creates tremendous market potential for the development of LED lighting industry in china. With the development of semiconductor lighting technology continues to mature, the cost of upgrading and LED lighting performance reduction, China LED lighting market outlook will gradually appear. 

LED lamp advantages gradually become the mainstream lighting 

The current LED lighting prices much higher than traditional lighting, up to 40 times, more than 2 times. According to the price process and components for manufacturing LED lighting, price will always be higher than traditional lamps, the price difference will be further reduced. The conditions of use and electricity price level in the domestic lighting LED lamp current, the consumption of electricity and maintenance costs are lower than the same utility traditional lamp. 

Analysis of life cycle cost based on the LED lamp, LED lamp with the same efficiency compared with the traditional lamp, have led corn light, LED bulb , LED tube, full cycle cost LED spot light, LED ceiling light, led high bay light are obviously lower than traditional lighting, has obvious competitive advantage. And the whole life cycle cost LED tube with the traditional lighting flat, is expected will show more obvious cost advantage in 2012, realize the promotion of alternative use. In the led outdoor lighting, LED lamps for replacing 250W high-pressure sodium lamp, LED street light, LED tunnel light and LED flood light cost than traditional lighting costs, the cost gap of about 30% or so, LED street light, led tunnel light and other competitive advantage has been shown. According to the development trend of LED lighting prices decreased continuously, continuously improve performance, is expected in 2013, the comprehensive cost of most LED lamps life cycle will be significantly lower than traditional lamps lighting source, become the mainstream. 

National industrial planning power LED lighting market growth 

In July 3, 2012, the national science and Technology Ministry issued the "semiconductor lighting technology development" 1025 "planning". In accordance with the planning objectives, to 2015, Chinese LED industrial scale to achieve 500000000000 yuan. And in 2012, China industrial output value of LED scale is only 192000000000 yuan, and 500000000000 Yuan is still a big gap. At present, LED lighting has become the largest application field of LED, the future growth of the scale of LED growth in the industry will pull LED indoor lighting

In January 10, 2013, the national development and Reform Commission and other six ministries jointly developed the "planning" energy-saving lighting semiconductor industry. In accordance with the planning objectives, by 2015, more than 60W general lighting incandescent lamps are all eliminated, the market share will drop to below 10%; energy-saving lamps and other traditional efficient lighting products market share stable at around 70%; LED functional lighting products market share of more than 20%. Energy saving lighting industry output value of the average annual LED growth of about 30%, in 2015 reached 450000000000 yuan (including the LED lighting application products 180000000000 yuan).