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  • 新闻名称: Semiconductor light China Dream
  • 发布时间: 2014-03-13

What is a semiconductor lighting China dream ? Future China will become a green , sustainable development, happy and harmonious society, namely to build a beautiful China . General Secretary Xi Jinping said before , and now a new round of technological revolution and the emergence of global restructuring and development opportunity for China to form a historic crossroads , if seize this opportunity , the future and destiny of the Chinese nation will have . Of course , to seize this opportunity, but also face a very big challenge.
China's biggest challenge is the increasingly serious energy crisis , energy and resources is difficult to support healthy economic development. But on the other hand , China's per capita primary energy consumption is much lower than developed countries . Meanwhile in 2011 , China still has 130 million poor people ( per capita annual income of 2,300 yuan ) , we are now on the one hand to solve the problem of poverty , but also to solve the increasingly serious pollution problems.
At present, China is in the middle and late industrialization, vigorously promote industrialization, informatization , urbanization, agricultural modernization simultaneous development , so there is a very large market potential and space. China 's semiconductor lighting can seize the opportunity to achieve in 2015 the output value of 500 billion yuan , the cost decreased by 50% , leading innovative applications , functional lighting market penetration reached 30% , saving 100 billion kw h of development goals, in 2020 annual production value of over a million yuan, the first patent ownership , more market penetration rate of 70 %, saving 340 billion kw h , spread to millions of households goal ? most importantly, the ability to achieve the energy- saving 4 Three Gorges power generation target ?
Based on these objectives, our future growth strategy is mainly in three aspects: First , build innovation chain , the establishment of an open , international development, incubation , standards development and personnel training platform. Second, improve the service chain , information platform , strategic research, standards development , testing and certification, experience shows , personnel training and application promotion services . Third, to enhance the value chain , to avoid the low end of homogeneous competition , broaden the application promotion channels , innovative business models , to optimize the market environment .
In short , the current rapid pace of development of semiconductor lighting industry , you want to stay ahead , we must react quickly , long-term perspective . Our thoughts should be like a parachute , only open to accomplish much. Semiconductor Lighting is the world's opportunities, but also global challenges requires a global effort . We often say that the Chinese dream , as part of the world, as the song "one world one dream" song sung , China is the world dream dream !
Chinese dream, world dream, China and the world are inseparable dream , and we MIC  is to build their own dream ----- MIC DREAM -made LED lighting world-class brands , our innovation production product : LED street light , LED tunnel light , LED corn light , LED tube , LED bulb , LED panel lights , LED flood light , LED high bay light , LED spot light , LED down light push to the world, light the world ! ! !