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  • 新闻名称: New energy-efficient LED lighting EU regulations implemented since September
  • 发布时间: 2013-09-29

Currently foreign technical barriers to China's export industry is LED by a new round of shock, LED export industries have a greater impact. Statistics show that in 2012, the United States, the European Union, Japan and other countries and regions have implemented LED industry related standards. On February 1 this year, the EU requirement for all light fixture into the EU to strengthen the EMF (electromagnetic field) detection. Recently, the release of the latest efficiency requirements of LED lighting products of the European Union, demands since September 1, 2013, all LED lighting products exported to Europe as led corn light, led tube, led street light, Led flood light. Led high bay lights, led tunnel light, must comply with the new energy-efficiency standards, and in September of this year, three stages of September 2014, April gradually improving the energy efficiency of LED lighting products standards.
The constant stream of technical barriers to China's export LED industry have a significant impact: one is the increased risk for exporters. Progressive increase in technical standards cause I export products to be informed of rising rates, LED exports significantly increased risk. Products exported to the European Union, for example, between January 2013, EU RAPEX notification covers 54 lighting products in China, which LED lamp 19, informed 35.18% of the total lighting, rose 23.61%; the second is the rising cost of an enterprise. In the EU under the latest energy-efficient LED lighting products, for example, in the second phase of the implementation of the new rules, after September 1, 2014, the energy efficiency index was at 0.2 per cent of the LED lights to enter the EU market, equivalent to 2.2 times times at present China's national standards, certification and inspection costs for each product specifications are in million Yuan more than directly led to the production of LED lamps cost more than 20%. MIC LED lamp life of more than 50,000 hours, extended the access time of LED products.
To this end, the inspection and quarantine authorities recommendations: first, the enterprise should strengthen the construction of core technologies, carefully studying the relevant laws, regulations, and standards of foreign markets, technical trade measures; the second is the establishment of accredited testing laboratories abroad, reduce the testing costs and production costs; third, actively explore emerging markets such as Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia, reducing dependence on us and European markets.