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  • 新闻名称: China began to open the door LED
  • 发布时间: 2013-12-30

For the LED industry and the application of Guangdong, be about to go 2013 is a year of make a spurt of progress. From the provincial science and Technology Department of Guangdong Province to the latest LED data: LED this year, output is expected to be 280000000000 yuan, an increase of nearly 29% over last year. The LED street lamp is expected to install more than 1100000 lamps, indoor lamp more than 1100000 lamps, the overall energy saving installation rate is up to 55%. What's more, Guangdong LED products expand outward momentum is very fierce, this display screen and lamps export growth of 19%. The above aspects are ranked first in the country. At the same time, standard Cantonese innovation and promotion mode in other provinces gradually red, each big enterprise this year in the provincial business grew by about three into above, and some are even three times. 

The Third Plenary Session of the eighteen to deepen reform of system of science and technology as the important content of deepening the reform of comprehensive. While the Guangdong Province LED industry development and application mode and achievement, especially in this year's success is the best proof of deepening the reform. 

"Product quality trust of Guangdong" 

Street Construction Department of Shanxi province Taiyuan City responsible person said: "these are many Guangdong products. Shanxi province reduction pressure, from last year to increase efforts to promote the application of LED. Our public lighting management departments have established cooperative relations with four or five Guangdong enterprises, the volume of business accounted for a total of 70% year cooperation. Guangdong enterprises are large in scale, capital, especially the quality of service is good, trustworthy. They will be the best technology brought, made some model project. Not only in the streets of Taiyuan, is a mountainous area village is true. 60 Watt Solar LED is equivalent to 250 Watt sodium. Northern winter temperature is low, the lamp is not the problem: even if 7 consecutive days of cloudy, still can be more than ten hours a day on." 

The biggest problem in LED promotion is the quality of the control, while the country is lack of quality standards. Guangdong take the lead in the country introduced benchmarking system, which not only set up the necessary threshold for application of LED but also for Guangdong, Guangdong products abroad to establish its credibility signs. 

"Application mode of Guangdong good acceptance" 

The biggest obstacle is the greater investment in LED application. Guangdong provincial government took the lead in the country to promote the contract energy management mode, to be smoothly done or easily solved this problem. 

Many LED enterprise Guangdong Province, other provinces to inspect this year on behalf of LED application in a continuous line. In their own words: "we first put on by the project management mode, is very interested in, so to have a look how to operate." 

As of 2013 12 at the end of the month, the company has to undertake the task of rebuilding the LED indoor lighting lamps more than 1000000 lights, power saving rate reaches above 65%. The Guangdong Province and outside the province accounts for half of all. 

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