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  • 新闻名称: " Earth Hour " Day Foshan government half Recommend LED light
  • 发布时间: 2014-03-31

On Saturday, Chancheng District Council and the Economic and Technology , Foshan Lighting Association , co-sponsored the " Vanguard million light " special LED products that benefit the Oriental Plaza and buy activities in Cape Town monarch . Day of the event attracted nearly 2,000 people to join in , sold more than 22,000 lights.
As the public responded enthusiastically , and tomorrow, and the value of " Earth Hour " day , Foshan Lighting Association decided to do a re- Oriental Plaza Huimin buy activities to further promote energy saving LED lights .
Field Test efficiency, attracted people buying
According to the Secretary-General to co-sponsor Foshan Lighting Association, Zhang introduced the theme on Saturday buy activities as " Earth lights one hour , it is better for the planet to change a light " green theme attracted a lot of public attention. However, the public does not seem to understand the multi- LED , many people expressed doubts , the same energy-saving lamps, LED lamps why the higher price ? In order to prove the high efficiency LED lighting , low energy consumption technology features, site staff compared the effects of LED lighting lamps, ordinary energy-saving lamps and traditional incandescent lamps .
The measure, an energy-saving LED lighting efficiency 2 incandescent lamp 12 , a 5W LED lamp brightness equivalent to 20W energy saving lamp or 40W incandescent lamp , and a 5W LED lamp power consumption of only 1 kWh of electricity a month about . Saving plus buy only about half the usual price , many people have said after reading "buying too ." The same day, over 22,000 people bought a total of LED lights . The results so Zhang quite unexpected , as the public good response , they decided to do a tomorrow .
Zhang said that since last year Chancheng massive promotion of LED lights , the first application in roads, government buildings and hospitals , libraries, schools and other public places , including government offices has been basically put LED lights. It was determined that these units after use LED lights , saving up to 50 %, some even as high as 80%. "In addition to the above-mentioned places , offices and shopping malls are also LED lighting penetration rate higher place , more than 10% ." Zhang revealed .
Household penetration rate of LED lights to be improved
"Relatively speaking , LED lights in general was not much household penetration rate is only 3 % to 5% ." Zhang said , "After all, the need for a process of replacement lamps ."
Speaking popularity of LED lighting difficulties, Zhang think the price is still the main reason. He said that as the technology developed just not mature enough , so the price is high , the current low-power LED lamps 1 to 2 times the price of ordinary energy-saving lamps , high power LED lamps price of the ordinary energy-saving lamps 3 ~ five times , "after technology improves , the next one to two years should be able to drop the price down ."
    Reporter yesterday visited found that the public 's lack of awareness of LED lights , LED lights also contributed to the family 's difficult to penetrate into a major culprit. Chancheng district on several large supermarket shelf lamps , LED lamps reporter saw very little , mostly decorative colorful night light. A supermarket salesman told reporters , LED bulbs to its customers asking much, many customers look for " energy-saving lamps ," so that only one brand on the shelves of a LED bulb.
The time is to buy bulbs Sung told reporters that he had never heard of LED lights , do not know what kind of lighting more energy comparison , generally look to buy a certain brand , or select promotional items . The reporter then interviewed several people , the majority of them do not understand the concept of LED, lamp preferred to buy cheap , not too many requirements for environmental performance . The environmental supporters , said she had got home , some are LED lights, usually buy the lamp will pay attention to see " Energy Efficiency logo" , "does not necessarily buy LED lights , but it will choose low-energy products ."
The current market share of energy-saving lamps LED is still more than big , but the concept has been widely accepted as the energy saving ,so MIC believe our products: led corn light,led tube ,led bulb can get into family early,and the led road into the average family will be more smooth.