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  • 新闻名称: China and foreign LED light Enterprise comparison
  • 发布时间: 2013-11-05

LED lighting products are not only widespread popularity abroad, domestic markets are slowly heat, which accelerates the development of LED lamp enterprise, because the domestic form is different from abroad, led lights and foreign enterprises is different.

National Development and Reform Commission published a briefing forecasts, said it would phase out incandescent roadmap held a news conference, "on the progressive ban the importation and sale of general lighting incandescent announcement" This is interpreted as the market, will gradually phase out incandescent lamps, from Open scale up to several thousand yuan China led lighting (also known as general lighting) market.Secondary market was giving fiery reaction, LED lighting plate formed the stock turnover for trading. Fancy contrast to the popular with the market is that China lacks core technologies in LED lighting field embarrassment.

Have a burst of growth could make optical performance, core depending on home size and technology to improve the situation, "now from more than 10 Chinese enterprises listed on the optoelectronic enterprises, except electricity (002449 shares) outside sales of about 1 billion there is no suspense this year, all the rest are small, is typical of small and medium enterprises. "" China's Taiwan business analogy, a workshop at home is family business, even not a factory. "So we have to accelerate the development of domestic small and medium enterprises, companies like MIC, has its own patents, technical support, and new product research and development support for countries they produce led corn light, led tube, led street light, led high bay lights, led flood light, led tunnel light, have been exported to foreign markets. Long-term LED lighting industry Shuiqingmuhua Research Director Zhou Yanwu said LED applications are divided into three categories, one is the General lighting, LED a class of mobile phones and on television, and one the lowest one, billboards and so on. Home Basic info about the enterprises fall into the last category.