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  • 新闻名称: LED lighting will be the most profitable industry
  • 发布时间: 2014-02-13

2014 , China 's LED industry will continue the upward trend in 2013 , continued to maintain rapid growth, the growth rate is expected to reach about 40%. Many research institutions worldwide demand for LED lighting is optimistic . Foreign UBS Securities predicts that in 2014 the global LED lighting demand will surge six times , in which the growth of the largest home lighting , will be greatly increased nine times. Several undoubtedly good news for the development of LED business in 2014 into the tonic : 

First , incandescent exit the U.S. market 

January 1, 2014 start , inefficient incandescent will completely withdraw from the U.S. market , 40 -watt and 60 -watt incandescent will eventually stop production. To some extent , this is equivalent to government intervention in the lighting market , consumers were eliminated before the end of the incandescent incandescent . 

Many countries and regions in the world have also been introduced phasing out incandescent policies and regulations, the EU , Japan, equal to a total ban on the use of incandescent lamps by 2012 , the United States and Canada from 2012-2014 to phase out most incandescent lamps. China in November 2011 issued a " China to phase out incandescent roadmap " is expected in 2016 after the general lighting incandescent general lighting will exit the domestic market . 

From 2013 China LED lighting exporter of view , where the EU is the largest export market of LED lighting , accounting for 28% , North America is the second market , accounting for more than 18%. As can be seen , LED incandescent exit is undoubtedly good news for the development of the largest markets . 

Second, the retail prices 

According to LEDinside observed in many regions abroad either replace 40W or 60W LED bulbs are already the lowest priced less than $ 10. Even the price is quite traditional energy-saving lamps , significantly stimulate market demand. LEDinside estimates LED lighting products in 2014 will reach 1.32 billion shipped quantity , representing growth of 68% in 2013 . 

More friendly price undoubtedly the popularity of LED lamps eliminate the biggest obstacle. 

Third, there are more and more energy- conscious consumers 

In the current energy saving requirements continue to improve the situation , the current hotels, shopping malls and other commercial establishments recognition and acceptance of LED lighting is very high. According Huaqiang LED merchant trading center , Hong Kong this year, Wal-Mart will be lighting will transform all the shopping malls , all lighting by LED lights

Government agencies , offices and other follow-up will be the next generation of LED lighting groups. And now people buy refurbished ages 80,90 gradual transition to its ideal home decorative lights energy-saving , beautiful, practical, personalized, simple LED lamp structure , fine workmanship , bright colors , is the most able to meet the various needs of Lighting . This part of the population will become the largest consumer group of LED lamps , there are more and more energy- conscious consumers , LED prospects immeasurable. 

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