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  • 新闻名称: Light the innovative development of economy the main engine LED industry
  • 发布时间: 2013-09-16

Sun Tzu says: those who do not seek Jesus Christ, is not sufficient to; not global enough to corner. In the adjustment of national economic strategy game, LED strategic industries have become a baryon, supported at all levels of Government and various funds to enter the case, LED industry have continued expanding, rapidly developing situation 

Strategic industries represent the future of science and technology and the development of new directions, has driven global and significant leads to economic and social role.  LED  the rapid development of the industry, also attracted major media attention. Following the May channel CCTV news special reports "Shenzhen LED waste" after CCTV again recently to Guangdong  LED  industries to carry out research, communication with the head of Guangdong, Guangdong provincial government departments and industry associations, and more field research has LED the field of key enterprises, attempts to point to an in-depth understanding of China's LED industry developments. 

Amidst constant, depending on markets for development 

Developing strategic emerging industries is to boost domestic demand, promote the development of economies in transition to upgrade the main engines, is also an important force in guiding future economic and social development, has become the international response to the economic crisis, a common choice to achieve sustainable economic and social development.
From international experience, the absolute market economy does not exist, Government support to form new industries, consolidation, throughout the whole process of sustainable development. Strategic industries were growing in particular, require government guidance on strategic development planning, policy, and to facilitate and promote the healthy development of the industry. Therefore, Guangdong province to cultivate and develop strategic emerging industries, promote strategic adjustment of the industrial structure as the goal, to achieve strategic industries technological breakthroughs and focusing on the industrial development, established semiconductor lighting, is important to cultivate strategic emerging industries such as electric vehicles.
LED lighting industry of Guangdong Province began in the early 90 's, after more than 10 years of development, has become the industry the most concentrated areas of the country, is an important production base and Trade Center LED the country. But we should also soberly, rapid development in the industry at the same time, also faces a number of problems: on the one hand LED industry started late, some core technology and key equipment are relinquished, on the other, due to market awareness and acceptance are not high, led application of LED products like led corn light ,led tube,led high bay,led flood light ,led street light,led tunnel light on the market there is a big difficulty. This would need Government help to cross these hurdles, lead the LED industry forward.