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  • 新闻名称: LED lighting competitive is intelligence
  • 发布时间: 2013-11-22

Led market booming, there are still many people want to be one of the led industry, led industry has increased, want to highlight the advantages in the led industry, will have their own specific advantages: intelligent.

Changed lighting led lighting is used, inserted in the led lighting  intelligent control and color mixing features for designers to create new opportunities. LED high efficiency, with dimming capability, long life and other advantages, variable color lighting more efficient, more cost-effective and more readily accessible. MIC led corn light, led tube, led street light, led flood light, led high bay light, led tunnel light products is on the intelligent way. Digital signal controller (DSC) can be driven all kinds of innovative applications, to achieve more efficient LED drivers, more precise color control and more effective communication with the external. Above advantages collection allows designers to have more freedom to develop highly differentiated LED lighting.

Temperature control

In General, the LED forward voltage will increase as temperatures rise, even if the forward current is constant and adjusted. High power LED will generate heat, led LED life expectancy and reduced early failure. LED forward current control allows individual design depending on the target forward current and projected forward voltage to determine the heat level. Temperature sensor provides a method of monitoring temperature conditions.

Current control

High-Brightness LED remains at a relatively high current required to maintain a certain brightness and color. led lighting flux and flows through the LED forward current is proportional to achieve consistent color and light output, the key is constant forward current. Forward current voltage source to change of their own accord, resulting in changes LED emits light. Therefore, use can take the initiative to adjust the power supply to drive forward current.

Color control

LED can change output light is suitable for the rapidly changing color lights. Simply adjust the brightness of each LED, red, green, and blue led lights to create any color. Raise or lower each LED forward current is one way, but change will not only change the brightness of the forward voltage, will slightly change the color of LED. Need exact color will cause application problems.

Another method is the use of pulsed current (pulsedcurrent), this method can provide the same dimming effect, without detectable changes in the color. Figure a red dotted line represents the average pulse current to create the brightness changes, while maintaining the consistency of the LED forward voltage. Not produce a detectable change in color.