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  • 新闻名称: LED lighting market in Thailand have little chance ?
  • 发布时间: 2014-04-11

Thailand as the second largest economy in Southeast Asia , the rapid growth of the LED lighting industry . 2012 Thai LED lighting market penetration reached 12% in 2015 the output value of LED lighting will account for 45% -50 % of the entire lighting industry. In recent years, driven by the emerging economies of the good momentum of economic development , LED lighting market has become a key area of global concern .
LED lighting market in Thailand jump start on the one hand due to the unique energy-saving LED light emerging environmental advantages , on the other hand , the Thai government is also actively guide and promote the application of new LED light source. Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand, the Mainland in 2011 , State Road Office , Village Hall and the promotion of road administration hall jointly promote the use of four LED bulbs to replace the original street lamps and lighting in public places . Under the strong economic growth and the government 's drive to promote , stadiums , municipal plaza , road transport, airports , schools, supermarkets , banks and other construction and renovation in full swing, Thailand LED lighting market opportunities can be expected.
However, the domestic industrial base is weak , Thailand , LED lighting industry is weak, less domestic LED lighting manufacturers , mainly rely on imports, while China is Thailand's second largest trading partner , many domestic LED lighting companies targeting emerging markets such as Thailand .
Thai LED lighting market, how much of the share, will be how fast growth ? Thai government initiatives which promote the popularization of LED lighting has been made on what kind of results, in addition to duty-free preferential policies , the government will promote respect What new policies and measures. Currently the first to start , what the demand is more concentrated LED lighting market is , what are the barriers to entry , and how the product is more favored by the market ? These are concerns LED lighting market in Thailand requires a deep understanding of business issues .
LED lighting technology during the Thailand International Exhibition 22-24 May 2014 , Thailand International Semiconductor Lighting Forum (THAILANDSSL) will work with you to explore new opportunities in the LED lighting market in Thailand , in-depth understanding of the Thai LED lighting market demand, government policy and market development strategy and other issues. Over the same period will also visit the energy management sector and local well-known enterprises , depth perception and found that the Thai line LED market opportunities.
Let us work together to understand MIC LED lighting market in Thailand , Thailand to jointly develop LED lighting market , for our products : LED street lights , LED tunnel lights , LED high bay light , LED corn light, LED tube , LED bulb early to enter the Thai market .