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  • 新闻名称: LED lighting technology can support wireless communication networks
  • 发布时间: 2013-07-23

Now we can see that a computer can be placed LED light irradiation, in the absence of network cable and wireless built-in port for the case of smooth network broadband connection. Complete web browsing, video playback, and many other network functions, this mystery lies in  LED lights on the roof.

According to experts, China Unicom network signal is transmitted to the computer through a LED's. Measured in this way out of the Internet per second maximum transfer rate can reach 2 trillion.

In fact, since its inception LED concept, technological breakthroughs abound. LED lights  can also play the role of commander appliances. There are experts, through certain techniques of LED lighting has been able to achieve a variety of electrical switches and adjustable control.

LED lamps and conventional lighting devices, it is not only energy saving, but also to high-speed switching operation, the modulation signal is sent to complete the transmission of information and commands. Second switching speeds up to 200 million times, so keep switching action does not affect the normal lighting. But will not have an impact on the human body, because the human eye can not see such a fast frequency changes.

It has long been enjoying the convenient services wireless networks, it is also worried about the radiation it produces adverse effects might be interested in the human body, and use environmentally friendly LED lighting lighting Internet can completely eliminates this concern.

Currently, LED lighting Internet is just one potential shares. But it is a special way of information transmission in the future be able to access more than 1G per second speed. It is understood that, LED lighting in the area in addition to the development of the intellectual potential, at home and abroad have also started on the LED further development of wireless communication technology, which will become a new direction for future technology development.