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  • 新闻名称: Cost-effective is the key of Led enterprise survival and development
  • 发布时间: 2014-02-21

In 2014, after the Spring Festival, each big LED companies are on their own LED products on the market analysis, marketing strategy adjustment, the next year, the LED lighting industry will usher in a war? In this war, how can you win? The LED lighting industry analysis: high price is not just consumers choose products of the primary conditions, more become a magic weapon for winning the LED enterprise. 

However, lower prices, quality can not be reduced, some enterprises in order to win the market by price war, and even lower the quality of the products, in product survey in 2013 quality management, LED quality events frequently burst, in the sample of 23 batches of LED lighting lamps, 17 batches of unqualified, unqualified rate up to 73.9%. The lowest price of the pursuit, which often easily be quality completely ignored, equal to do is 3 without the product, in front of the LED market, LED lighting products have the high performance to price ratio of LED enterprise is come to the last and go farther. 

Low price strategy will market penetration of LED lighting have a strong role in promoting, but also makes the brand competition intensifies. Only the LED lighting market price competition gradually from the sacrifice the quality of the products to reduce the cost of malignant stage, will truly enter the real price promotion. 

MIC always pay attention to the quality of LED product, each process are strictly controlled, every product produced by going through the aging test. To ensure the quality of the products. The price is reduced as the product of our  led corn light,led tube,led street light,led high bay light,led flood light,led tunnel lightAre their own production and suppliers, due to long-term cooperation, so the raw material is preferential. Reduces the cost of production, product prices come very naturally is reduced, the product price is high, but also increase the market competitiveness of products.