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  • 新闻名称: Around off "reduction Wind" LED the industry this year is no off-season
  • 发布时间: 2014-02-20

Semiconductor products before and after the Spring Festival grabbed the limelight .
Before the Spring Festival , more than 100 roads of Foshan replaced the 11,000 LED lamps ; Guangzhou City also released Guangyuan Expressway road street lighting LED energy-saving project tenders , will be presented before the Spring Festival Guangyuan Expressway about 4507 lamp with the transformation of the conditions of high pressure sodium lampreplaced all LED lights.In fact , besides Foshan and Guangzhou, there are also many other cities in action.
Lantern Festival, Zigong lantern lit hundreds of giant group Donghu lake, the first attempt to LED and other high-tech elements ; 2014 Lantern Festival in Fuzhou also bold innovation,greater use of new materials, new processes, a significant increase in stylish, innovative, interesting elements by conventional compact lantern with LED lights so arranged that the lightshow structured ......Undoubtedly , in the Year of the Horse is booming . The reason for this , in addition to LED lighting, unique color and, more importantly, all users have taken
a fancy energy saving LED lighting efficacy behind .
Saving is the " last word"

Recently, from National Semiconductor Lighting Project R & D and Industry Alliance (CSA) has learned that since the "city of ten thousand," semiconductor lighting demonstration projectimplementation , 21 pilot cities have used more than 1.6 million LED lamps , saving more than 164 million degrees these cities a total of more than 2,000 semiconductor lighting company value of about 75.9 billion yuan , the initial formation of industrial agglomeration . Meanwhile, the " city of ten thousand " project also led to the development of related industries , energy-efficient buildings , solar photovoltaic, appliance, automotive, electronics and information industries are thus obtained broader space for development.
Local governments under the leadership of the central government have made ??some achievements and experience. In the New Year before the Ministry of Science , Ministry of Finance ,the National Development and Reform Commission jointly organized the " semiconductor lighting energy saving propulsion will", the Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Department
THE CARRYING introduction , LED is one of the focus on the development of strategic emerging industries in Guangdong , as of 2013 by the end of October , Guangdong cumulative installedLED lights more than 800,000 , is expected to 2014 , Guangdong Province public lighting 2 million renovation will be completed LED , LED industry output and patents will grow year by year ;Beijing stakeholders , as of 2013 September , in hotels and restaurants in Beijing to promote the LED lights and LED spotlights Jane 450,000 , the annual saving 30 million degrees ; Xiamenrelated parties, as one of the first planned city started LED Xiamen LED industry has developed rapidly , in the " city of ten thousand " project to promote the process , the city adopted aninter-departmental working group was established , the introduction of financial subsidies for enterprise certification, support foreign enterprises to participate in the project and the preparationof a number of local standards and other means to ensure that the demonstration effect.
Market is the " barometer"
In recent years , the state implemented a project to promote efficient lighting products , " Ten thousand ten cities " projects . With the promotion of energy-efficient lighting products ,many lighting manufacturers recognize that to achieve energyefficient lighting , energy-efficient light sources should be used first , which is the prerequisite for the promotion of energy-efficientlamps .Around the Spring Festival, LED lighting market is picking up steam , LED lighting manufacturers is redoubling its efforts to deploy the new year's work in preparation for the opportunity.Undoubtedly, MIC joined the ranks of the active fighting them, they are all in the highly anticipated 2014 LED lighting could keep turning to write a new chapter.
Crystal Power Technology Co., Ltd., Bingjie said that 2013 was the first year of LED lighting , LED light bulbs have a global 500 million , would be expected to double by 2014 ; Taiwan's largest LEDpackaging factory Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd., Yeyin Fu said that in 2013 in the LED lighting prices, rising number of cases in 2014 will be LED lighting sprint years ; Taiwan Unity Opt Technology Co., Ltd.Chairman Wu Qinghui said that this year is the LED industry Jedi counterattack year, the industry will good to " very unsuccessful " ; Jane FengRen LED chip factory in Taiwan Formosa Epitaxy , chairman ofFormosa Epitaxy also think that this year will be a key reversal in LED lighting , LED industry, he expects no off-season.
LED industry will not have the off-season , beautiful MIC production of photovoltaic , generous , energy saving, practical, in line with the home and outdoor use LED lights, LED tunnel lights, LED tubes,LED down-lights , LED flood light , LED high bay light , LED corn lights , LED bulbs will also have a bright and brilliant future.