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  • 新闻名称: 7w led corn lamp
  • 发布时间: 2012-03-01

680LM 7W led corn light

1. Beam angle: 360°
2. Professional LED lamp replacing CFL 20W
3. Size: Dia 44mm * 113mm
4. Lamp base: E27 E26 G24
5. Input voltage: 100-300VAC
6. Power consumption: 8W ±10%
7. LED source: 133pcs 3528 SMD LEDs
8. Color temperature: 1)Cool white: 5500~6700K 2)Natural white: 4000~5000K 3)Warm white: 2700~3500K
9. Luminous flux: 680lm ±10%

10. Advantages:
     1)Up to 80% energy saving compared to conventional lamps.
     2) Lifetime of 50,000 hours
11. Application:Indoor using, such as warehouse lobby,office, supermarket,restaurant ,etc..
12.Operating temperature: -40~50°C


Wide Range of watts:

MIC has developed a series of led corn lights: 3w led corn light,6w led corn bulb,7w led corn lamp,9w led corn light bulb,12w e27 led corn bulb,15w e27 led corn light,18w e27 led corn lamp,20w led warehouse light,

30w led corn warehouse light,40w led warehouse lamp,50w led garden light,60w led corn lamp,80w led corn lamp.

For light base, it can be E27 led corn light, e26 led corn lamp, E40 led corn bulb, e39 led corn light bulb


LED Corn Light purposes:
Indoor lighting use, for families, shopping malls, banks, hospitals, hotels, restaurants and various public places, his long time lighting, No flash DC.


Installing Notes:
When installing G24 LED corn light, Must be removed Electronic Ballast, Avoid Electronic Ballast resonant high voltage, Lead to over-voltage over-current damage led lamps.